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Where to purchase a duty boot in Central Ohio


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  • Where to purchase a duty boot in Central Ohio

    I have just started the acadamy and I need to know a good place to get a nice soft toe duty boot in central ohio. Any suggestions on a particular kind?

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    I am in charge off supply for my department so I get a chance to try out many boots. Here are some of my observations.
    1. Ridge Air-Tac
    They started out great, light comfortable and looked good. After about a year of wearing them I noticed that the little air pocket in the heel had deflated. The soles at about 18 months started falling apart and they had this annoying squeak when I walked. I tried to figure out how to stop the squeak (even tried to oil them) but I never could get rid off them. I will never get them again. We have about 8 other guys who wear them and love them. They have also had the air pocket deflate but they never had the squeak
    2. Bates tropical boot
    Again they are light and feel like sneakers. I have worn these with the military for 6 years now and they are a great boot and the polish very well. They come in wide widths and feel great. We have one officer who I order these for and he has a wide foot loves them. I too love them and use them on duty all the time.
    3. Danner Strikers & 5.11 ATAC (went with 5.11)
    I just ordered these last weeks from galls to try out. The strikers are waterproof and have Gore-Tex in them. They felt good to me but seem to wear more like a boot than a sneaker. The few thing I did not like about them was the fact that in order to take them off you have to unlace them half way down, this can be a a pain in the ***, and the bootstrap on the back off the boot catches your pants. This causes you to look dumb unless you cut it off, or remember to check you pants every time you get out of your cruiser. I was going to get these until I tried the 5.11
    The 5.11 are Very light and VERY comfortable and really do feel like a sneaker. They were $76.00 dollars from galls and you get 3 pairs off free socks with them. Galls sends you two pairs and the boots have a coupon for a free pair on the boot. The boot has a zipper on the side for quick on and off. and they have a secret pocket on the sides of the boot which come in handy. I keep a key for my cruiser in one and a cuff key in the other. I have only had them for about a month so I can tell you how they will last but they seem to get good review for other guys. Places you can get them on the net that I have used are:

    Serving police, fire, EMS, security. Shop for uniforms, equipment and apparel. Competitive pricing, largest in-stock assortment and trusted brands.

    good company and will take them back if they don't meet your needs. You can also haggle with them on the price just tell them you are a PO

    They will price match galls.

    They do free shipping, call them talk to Johnny and tell him you are a cop, he will give you a deal.

    Hope this helps,


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      That helps a lot. Thanks!


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