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CID - anyone carry knives?


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  • CID - anyone carry knives?

    For those of you in plainclothes who carry a knife as a back up/last resort to your concealed firearm, please pass along your recommendations for a good knife.

    My requirements is it should be concealable, easy to draw, safe (safe as knives can be....if I fall down I don't want to stab myself to death), etc.


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    I'm in plain clothes only occasionally, but I carry both my knives when im in uniform or plain. I carry a S&W Swat folder. It can be clipped to your belt or in you front pocket. I also carry an S&W double edge boot knife w/ sheath, that can also be clipped anywhere on your pants belt when not on your boot.
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      When I worked plain clothes I carried the same folder that I carry on patrol. Carry it in my front pocket (non weapon hand).


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        Any Ken Onion by Kershaw.
        I carry two.
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          Best folder I've ever owned: http://www.benchmade.com/products/pr...aspx?model=551

          You can open and close it one handed, it opens real smoothly.


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            I don't work plainclothes often, but when I do I just carry the same one I use on duty.

            I've always been a Spyderco fan and have carried a Delica folder for almost 10 years. Broke the clip off my first one and lost the replacement a couple of months after I bought it. Rather than purchase another replacement, I decided to carry one of my numerous other knives (I'm a bit of an amateur collector, primarily of boot knives and daggars, but I have several folders as well). I started carrying my Gerber A-F Combat folder. Did this for about 6 months and I can say I never really got used to the thumbstud rather than the thumbhole. A local sporting goods store just had an after-Xmas sale on Spyercos and I got another Delica. I also chose to go back to the plain edge rather than the combo -- I just like it better.

            Carried a SOG Mini-Pentagon fixed blade on my duty belt for a while, but the general consensus was that it was more of a liability than a potential help, so I stopped.
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              I carry the SOG X Ray Vision its a great little knife. I carry it in my billy pocket on my strong side while onduty. Or front pocket while off duty or working as an EMT. Lightweight stays out of sight. Stays sharp works great.
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                i've been carrying a few benchmades for the last few years. recently i've been carrying a spyderco delica plain edge. i'm planning on picking up something new soon. perhaps the new benchmade 707 or the spyderco/kershaw colaboration that's coming out soon.


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                  I worked plain clothes my entire career. I carried a Cold Steel Voyager Tanto - a bit bigger than most, but on the border, we cut a lot of rope, burlap, etc. About any quality folder will do - pick what you like.
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                    Originally posted by Snake~eyes
                    Best folder I've ever owned: http://www.benchmade.com/products/pr...aspx?model=551

                    You can open and close it one handed, it opens real smoothly.
                    Which model do you carry?


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                      I carry a S&W Swat or Extream Ops. I bought mine foe $20 on sale


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                        On duty belt I carry a Leatherman. Sharp knife + all the extra knick knacks that you need out on the street at one time or another.

                        Plain clothes/off duty- mainly the Spyderco Wayne Goddard model. Excellent folder.
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                          Benchmade 175 CBK

                          Great backup knife.


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                            SOG PE II, Cuts good, lops down trees to pull FBI Agents out of the mud. (They ain't the sharpest knives in the drawer sometimes.)

                            and a Ek boot dagger

                            I like the "Combat Operations" knife from Brock. I just got a rule, "Never spend more for a knife that you are will to throw in the trash."

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                              No No No the only knife to carry is a STRIDER folder, best knife I have ever owned/carried and I have had a lot of knifes.
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