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  • Special Binoculars

    My town's police department has a lot of land to cover and usually only a couple of officers on per night. I have noticed that in many occasions thermal or night vision binoculars could have been of great use (cut down on danger to officer, lessen search time, etc). Does anyone's department have thermal or night vision binoculars? Can anyone recommend a brand or pair? Or does anyone have opinions in general on the idea of officers having access to either type of binoculars?

    All help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    My department scored a Raytheon imager on a federal grant a year or so ago. It is primarily assigned to our Tac unit. It is supposed to be available to loan out to any agency which needs it, however if we don't tell anyone we have it, we don't have to loan in out . I know that it departments around here have often borrowed the thermal cams that the local FD's have. They're not designed for searching for people, but they perform the task quite well actually.
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      If you check around you can even score one from the government on a "loan" type deal. We've had one in our Marine Patrol Unit for years now that was "lent" to us from Uncle Sam.
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        Night Vision Devices (NVD) - there must be some light, even star light. There are 4+ generations, 1st gen are not as good as a good pair of regular binos., gen 2 slightly better, the real deal are the mil. spec 14's and newer. The cheaper stuff is Russian made, watch out for poor quality and service issues. All of them give you a green/black view without penetrating cover.

        Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) - Work in fog and total darkness, lets you see through brush, you can even track (warm) footprints in cold weather, handprints on car doors in the cold, etc.. Very expensive, but you may be able to go partners with your fire department.

        I have used early versions of both, if $$ is no object, get the TIC!
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          Our department has night vision that you can sign out whenever you want.

          Also we have a hand held Thermal Imaging Camera you can sign out aswell as a Thermal Imaging Camera mounted to one of our patrol cars on top of the lightbar. The screen is located inside of the patrol vehicle and you control the lens movement (full 360 degrees) from a joystick that is positioned inside of the patrol car. We're in a beach town so the thermal comes in very handy when responding to illegals coming on shore. We also get calls to assist other agenices since we're the only ones around with a Thermal unit mounted to the car.
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            we have night vision goggles (AN/PVS7-B) issued to each night shift officer and I carry a Raytheon PalmIr 250D thermal imager in addition to my NVG, just used the imager the other night to find a guy trying to hide from us in the snow. Both have their plus and minuses but I prefer the thermal imager over the night vision as it can be used any time of day or night.
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