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  • Binoculars for surveillance

    I'm looking for binoculars for surveillance but I'm a little lost on all the different kinds. I don't want to break the bank on them but I also want a pair that will work well. I'll be using them mainly at night. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    The real good ones are very expensive so unless your department is paying for them, go to Walmart or some place on the net and get some 10x50 binos that run around 30-40 bucks. My job issued me a 500 dollar pair of Steiner binos and I bought some 29 dollar bushnells so I wouldn't have to write a memo on losing the steiner's and the bushnell's are very close as far as the pic you see when looking through them.


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      Just like I have a $49 pocket knife that I left at home one night so I went to Wally World and got one off the shelf for $17 in the camping section rather than waiting for someone to open the "fancy knife" cabinet.

      I have been carrying that one more than the expensive one
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        I’ve done a lot of surveillance over the years and I’ve found that getting a pair of auto-focus binoculars work the best. When transitioning from location to location quickly or trying to read a license plate on a moving car, trying to focus a pair of binoculars can be very difficult. Purchasing a good pair of auto-focus binoculars will be a very important investment in any surveillance operations.

        You can read about choosing proper surveillance gear such as binoculars in my blog post about “Surveillance Gear Part 1” at www.sabersecuritytraining.com/blog/.

        I hope this helps and if you have more questions please feel free to contact me through my website!



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          I have a pair of leupolds that i use for hunting and other things. Those are some awesome binoculars. I will be damned if i am going to carry those on duty. In other words get a cheap pair that wont matter if you break them.


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            Pretty decent bino's and pretty decent prices. I have the gladiators and I really like them, but I don't do "surveillance" per say, I just use them to read plates across a parking lot.


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