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what kind of puncture resistant gloves should I buy


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  • what kind of puncture resistant gloves should I buy

    I am looking for puncture resistant gloves and do not know what kind I should buy.

    Last week I was searching some meth head purse and cut my finger on a razor blade causing me to get four stiches. The razor blade cut through the piece of paper it was in, through my glove and into my finger. I thought my gloves were cut resistant.

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    I used to do screenings at the DTA (welfare) offices in Boston and after a razor cut I bought the short wrist Hatch search gloves. Good thickness on the leather and Kevlar lining. They've gotten a few small slices and gouges in them but not even through the leather let alone the kevlar. Two years later and I still use them daily.
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      I do not rely on the proclaimed "puncture resistance" and "slash resistance" of search gloves. I used to wear them. Now I prefer EMS gloves and batting gloves, sometimes alone, sometimes together.

      If it's a container,dump it out. Move and poke with a spare pen or with an item from the container itself. Turn pockets inside out. I realize it's not always possible, but I try to go this route instead of sticking fingers in places I can't see.
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        I'm with Resq,

        I don't want to trust the "puncture resistance" I dump it out, or use other methods first. I tend to use laytex style gloves, or thin neoprense gloves. Nothing is truely cut or puncture proof. If it is you won't be able to feel the small bags of contraband, kni
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          I second the Hatch ones, mentioned above. I'm on my second pair- replaced the last pair to spend uniform allowance $ only.


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