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Trouble setting up my new belt.


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  • Trouble setting up my new belt.

    I am having some difficulty in fitting some of my gear onto the belt itself. This new belt is a leather sam Browne style riverbelt and the difficulty is coming with threading the belt, which has two pieces of leather to thread through on the end. I managed to get my mag holder on easily, but my cuff cases just aren't getting on after about an hour of trying. I've been trying to stretch the back of the case with a screw driver, to little avail. Anyone have any tips or tricks?

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    Try heating the back of the cases up?
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      Interesting, is there a good technique to do that? I can see this ending up with a flaming apartment if left to my own devices.


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        Hair dryer is what I used. Worked well. If you don't have access to one, try getting a wedge of some sort and putting it in the opening on the back of the case, as far as it will go. Leave it for a while then try again.
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          Soaking the back only of the handcuff case and then attempting to get onto the belt might work as well. I've done the same with new holsters and guns. Wet leather is more pliable.


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            If it's truly leather and not some sort of composite look-alike, you could try using some sort of commercial leather conditioner to soften up the leather and make it more pliable.

            Another option would be to use something like a hair/scalp treatment with a lanolin base.
            Generally, that's what I used to break in and condition my softball gloves to work stiff leather , stretch it and give it flexibility.
            I don't see why it wouldn't work with real leather duty gear.


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