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  • bianchi duty belt sizing

    I wear pants size 33-34 (jeans and uniform)
    not sure if I should get 28-34 duty belt or 34-40 ?
    measuring in inches my current belt is 39" from one end to the other...
    so does this mean I should go with 34-40?
    Is this how you even measure it?

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    If it's the bianchi/safariland lite weight synthetic one, get the one size up.

    Seems like most companies say to get the exact size, but I've had a couple where the last of the adjustment range is the exact size, so no room for after those large meals :-)


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      I wear 36 pants but got he Bianchi Ergotek in 38...One size up also allows less pressure on the hips and back.
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        As the other's said, a duty belt should be one size larger than you wear. Also, you can pretty much tighten a belt till it fits anyone, but can only let it out so much.
        Originally posted by Ceridwen
        Just one would be stingy of me, I'd have to get two. For the children.


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          I disagree. Mine have always been the exact size. I wear same size you do and I have the smaller one. If you can fit into the smaller one get it bc you will have way less overlap across your belt from the excess belt length. The excess belt being doubled up/overlapped hinders attaching your equipment in the front area where it overlaps, giving you less real estate to carry gear. You don't want a loose floppy belt anyway. It's way more comfortable IMHO to wear a duty belt tighter than you wear a belt with jeans, etc. Tight duty belt doesn't bounce when you run and you're not constantly pulling it up off your hips all day. Also gives you more positive weapons draw.
          Again, my opinion.


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            And no that's not how you measure it. If it's 39 inches long you'll have about 5 inches of overlap on a 34 inch waist (Yeah I did that math all in my head. Amazing... I know). That's plenty.
            Another pro tip... Make sure you wear belt keepers across the critical points of your duty belt (holsters) so there's zero floppageâ„¢ when you are running and gunning.


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