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Fixed Blade Knife for Duty Belt - Suggestions?


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  • Fixed Blade Knife for Duty Belt - Suggestions?

    I have been carrying a Benchmade Triage for several years, and it's been a very handy knife to have.

    One thing I've been noticing in training and so forth is that under stress, like when I'm in a clinch with someone or defending against a gun grab, I can't get the knife out of my pocket and get it opened with any ease. I am looking at getting something that mounts on my duty belt on the reaction side for the purpose of countering a gun grab or deadly force clinch situation (and not some Hollywood BS knife fight obviously).

    I don't want a huge knife, but it does need to be fixed blade, and mountable to the duty belt. Preferably it would use a kydex sheath or something similar that doesn't look like cheap nylon crap jury-rigged to work in a pinch.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Ka bar tdi


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      Some kind of a karambit (I haven't handled one, but Mookster's recommendation looks solid).

      I like the karambits from Fox Knives (much nicer steel).
      FX-637 T pictured here:

      If karambits aren't your thing, I'd recommend a Swamp Rat Rodent 3:

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        Lots of guys in my neck of the woods carry Ka Bar TDIs, both the small ones and the larger ones. They seem pretty accessible and policies around here generally allow them.
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          Something to consider is that you may not want a knife handle to be especially visible if you are wearing it on a duty belt. Pretty easy for it to become something else to fight over, just like your sidearm. A good choice that can be mounted nearly anywhere, in addition to the small Ka-Bar TDI, would be an Emerson La Griffe.
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            Benchmade push dagger. Blends in when mounted horizontally behind a cuff case or magazine pouch.


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              I use to carry the Ka-bar TDI clipped on my belt behind my mag pouch. I liked it and never had a problem with it coming off the belt using the clip.
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                The reason you mentioned is why I only consider my folder tools and not weapons. Under stress, the time it takes to deploy a folder and change your grip can easily multiply if you lose your fine motor skills.

                One of the knives I own is a Ka-bar TDI and it's not bad, but I wouldn't call it an optimal knife.

                The blade on the TDI is angled from the handle, which allows you to stab with it while keeping your wrist in a more neutral position, whereas traditional knives require you to bend your wrist forward to stab. If you choose to use the blade in a reverse grip (where the blade is below your fist) then the angle of the blade is off; this means you cant apply as much stabbing force as you can in a forward grip. This is relevant because one of the biggest issues I have with the knife is that it can be very difficult to punch it through a heavy jacket. If you do choose you use this knife, I'd suggest always going with a forward grip. I also think that the TDI is a little looser in the kydex sheath than I'd prefer, so I prefer not to hang it upside-down on my vest.

                Ka-bar does make a TDI with a tanto blade, and that model may stab through thick material better than a regular TDI. Rather than buying a TDI with a tanto blade, I bought a Benchmade HK plan D.


                The Plan D is a little more expensive, but Benchmade does offer a 30% law enforcement discount. It has a similar design to the TDI except the handle is a little smaller, the blade is a little larger, and it has a tanto point. The Plan D does stab through thick material better than the TDI. My only complaint about the Plan D is that the angle of the blade from the handle is smaller than the TDI, which means you need to bend your wrist slightly more to get it in the optimal position for stabbing.

                While you are thinking about it, you may want to consider a boot knife as well in case you are on your back and somebody is sitting on your belt. Boot knives are impractical for most situations when you aren't on the ground, so you'd probably want it as a secondary to a knife on your upper body or waist. I use the CRKT Sting as my boot knife. It's cheap, super durable, and comes with an ankle strap and comfortable sheath. In three of the four different boots I have used it with I have barely felt that it was there. However, one pair of boots had a lot of padding on the top of the upper and it made wearing a boot knife uncomfortable.

                And I wouldn't suggest you consider a karambit. They are a good knifefighter's knife, but you shouldn't be bringing a knife to a knife fight. The curved blades on karambits are for slicing or hooking, but IMO you will probably be best off with a knife that is better for stabbing.


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                  I'll show you my setup tomorrow. Tdi is about the worst thing you could wear on a duty belt, 0 retention. An Austin officer actually had his throat cut with his own tdi.
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                    I use these two:

                    Benchmade SOCP dagger, kydex sheath with clip:


                    Benchmade push dagger, also a kydex sheath with a detachable clip:


                    PM me for the the weak side and strong side placement I use. They are unnoticeable and unknown to individuals on the street.


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                      Ka-bar TDI or LDK.
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                        With proper placement, it will open as you pull it from your pocket. Blade-Tech Riptide



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                          Originally posted by Nathan571 View Post
                          With proper placement, it will open as you pull it from your pocket. Blade-Tech Riptide

                          Awesome! Might have to look at that one. Have been chasing an enerson for awhile, but they're way overpriced
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                            Shivworks clinch pik

                            Or a custom Matt Helm Pikal

                            This Pikal reverse blade design simplifies a close in struggle. You basically stick the blade in and "start the lawn mower". It's your strongest muscles doing simple movements.


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                              Obviously that knife only serves 1 purpose. That is its biggest down side to me. It is the best knife to have if your wrapped up but it can't do much else.

                              Your not going to cut carrots or whittle with that blade. The Matt Helm runs in the $200s range with a kydex sheath. So it's not cheap but for a custom knife it isn't unobtainable. Each one is hand built and pretty beautiful.


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