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Not keepers, but something to help with sliding gear


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  • Not keepers, but something to help with sliding gear

    Hey guys,

    I've got an issued safari land 2.25 belt and I have always had a big problem with my gear sliding all around. Even my 6360 holster slides a bit on it to the point where I had to marker in lines so I know where to align it when I put my belt on. Once my belt is latched and my keepers are on, nothing really moves. The real problem is taking the belt off or putting it on; my cuff case, radio holder, baton holder, OC, flashlight holster etc... all just slide to the end of my belt and my holster and double mag pouch move around a little too (though not as bad as my other stuff).

    I know it isn't the biggest of deals to rearrange everything before putting the belt on, but it gets annoying and I like having everything in the exact same spot each time for muscle memory. I tried using keepers around just the duty belt to keep everything in place, but the weight of the gear just pushes them if the belt is pitched too much. Are there any products out there to help lock things in place, like a thin keeper made just to keep stuff in place on the duty belt when the user isn't wearing it? Having to handle it like a full glass of water all the time keeping it level so all my stuff doesn't slide to one end definitely gets old.

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    When I take my duty rig off, some of the items slide slightly (cuff strap, radio holder). I lay my belt flat on the floor when not in use, and pick it up from both ends when ready to put it on. Not sure there is much you can do except just readjust your stuff when the belt is on.
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      I use Keepers to keep my stuff in place. I use a total of 7 keepers.


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        Thanks JCHughes, I figured it would have to be something I just live with...I am probably being a bit lazy in not wanting to have to readjust stuff, it isn't that much trouble.

        I thought about ALICE snaps, I have a few lying around I could try but just think they'd look tacky and not fond of the kinda sharp metal edges sticking out. Don't want to go around ripping county car seats lol

        Edit: just tried an ALICE snap and it actually seems like it would work really well to keep the gear in place...not fond of the metal as I mentioned above but maybe I'll give it a shot, maybe just two to keep my left side gear from moving. The holster/double mag pouch I can handle as it doesn't move that much.


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          Originally posted by Tmg View Post
          I use Keepers to keep my stuff in place. I use a total of 7 keepers.

          So you mean you have keepers that you just keep around the duty belt along with keepers that go around your pants belt and duty belt? do you know what brand keepers they are? I use 4 (sometimes 5) that I bought from my local police store a while back, probably cheap Cobra ones or something. They just aren't tight enough to put only around my duty belt to stop stuff from sliding when not wearing it, but they are just barely loose enough to fit over both belts. I feel like tighter keepers would work, maybe I can try some 2" keepers to place just on the 2.25 duty belt. If I can stretch them over, they should fit pretty snug.

          Just to clarify again, the problem isn't with stuff sliding when wearing the belt, just when taking the belt off/putting it on/putting it away, everything slides around a lot if I am not very careful.


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            Originally posted by Kris396 View Post
            Just to clarify again, the problem isn't with stuff sliding when wearing the belt, just when taking the belt off/putting it on/putting it away, everything slides around a lot if I am not very careful.
            Oh ok I didnt realize that. My stuff slides around when I take my belt off too. Just slide it back when you put it on.


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              Ah, that's what I figured most guys were doing. A few guys at my pct told me "add more stuff to your belt" as a joke, but it might work. We don't carry tasers though, I've been meaning to pick up a glove pouch and maybe something for my phone (though I believe the phone holder is against regs) to take up some slack lol. I'm surprised nobody invented thin leather sleeves that can be cut to fill in spaces, seperate gear and take up slack so nothing moves around.


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                Go get some of those rubberband like things that girls use to hold their hair in pony tails. Whatever they are called. Put one on either side of where you want your stuff to be. They will hold it in place.

                I personally just wait until I put my belt on, then slide everything back where it goes. Takes about 10 seconds. I practice reaching for each item a few times to make sure it is where my muscle memory tells me it should be, then I am good to go.


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                  Only thing that doesn't move is my taser... and thats because it is essesntially locked into the leather with how tight the belt clip is. I put my belt on.... move stuff where it goes, and use 5 keepers to keep it locked.
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                    I have black zip ties I got at a hardware store to keep my cuff cases from sliding back in forth when I get in and out of the vehicle. I put them on as tight as possible underneath the cuff cases on both sides of the cuff case back strap to keep them from moving around. It works for the most part but I wish I had a better way.


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                      If you have a velcro liner on your duty belt, then you could put some two-sided velcro tape to keep stuff in place.

                      Or you can get a duty belt with velcro hooks (opposed to loops, which is more common) on the liner. I used to have a duty belt with velcro hooks in the liner. The nylon belt loops on all of my gear holders would stick to it, making it very difficult to slide things on and off. I hated it because It made it way too difficult to move anything on the belt, but you might like it because it keeps stuff in place.

                      Or if you have a belt with a velcro loop liner, you can put some velco hook tape on the inside of your gear holder's belt loops.


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                        Try a thicker belt? I use a bianchi and nothing moves.
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                          I have seen a person who took black chicago bolts and attached his stuff directly and semi-permanently to his duty belt.
                          A chicago bolt is a two - piece bolt that screws together. You can pick them up a the local hardware store.
                          Anyhow, drill/punch a small hole through the duty belt and the back of the mag case, glove pouch or whatever you don't want to shift and attach the two together with the chicago bolt.

                          This is probably something I wouldn't advise for anything but long term placement. Otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of visible holes in your duty belt.


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                            I never really saw this as a problem. I just put the equipment back where I want it as I put my keepers on.
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                              Thanks for the replies everyone! The ALICE clips actually work really good, if anyone wants to try them. A velcro belt would probably give me a lot more options, but something about the leather I just like better, plus it is what we were issued so it matches everyone else in the department.

                              What SCU74 said makes sense and I don't know why I didn't think of that. A little bit thicker gauge leather should really help, if not fix the problem for at least most of the gear. The 6360 slides just a bit when the belt is off, so the thicker belt should lock that up at least. You'd think safari land would make their own holster fit real tight on their own belt.
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