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Cobra duty belt?


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  • Cobra duty belt?

    Anyone seen or know who makes a nylon duty belt with the cobra style buckle?

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    Try this. I don't know anything about it though.
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      I would love to find a 2-1/4" Cobra belt. Unfortunately everyone is making only 2" belts.
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        I bought one from Tactical Assault Gear.

        I hated how it was not a true 2.25" buckle... it is reduced down to a smaller section of belt and a smaller buckle in the front. There is a huge overlap section that requires all kinds of rejiggering to just put the damn thing on.

        Is it too much to ask for a cobra buckle that is a direct replacement for a nylon buckle on a 2.25" nylon belt???


        I'm scared to buy the above because, with my luck, it won't work with a thick duty belt. DSG has them for $19 so maybe the next time I order from there I'll order one.
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          Ares Gear. They made the original and (imo) best


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            Nobody makes a true duty belt with webbing larger than 2" and a cobra buckle to my knowledge. Closest thing you will get is from Ares Gear with their LE style belt that has 3 layers of the webbing for stiffness and the hook and loop lining for you underbelt. I don't mind the cobra buckle for an instructor's style belt, but I don't think I would use one personally on a duty belt setup as there are better options out there for the thickness of a duty belt without having to step down in size.


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              I know the cobra buckle is way overkill! but I hate the look of the plastic buckles on most nylon duty gear they look cheap to me. and that's the most important part is looking cool right!


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