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VieVu vs. Taser Axon Body - opinions please!


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  • VieVu vs. Taser Axon Body - opinions please!

    So in light of recent going ons in our country and profession I have decided to take the plunge and purchase a body cam with my own money. I feel that I will only benefit from having one and it will maybe save my *** one day. With that being said which one of these two options would you choose and why. The price difference between the two is substantial but will not be a consideration. Thanks in advance!

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    We are supposed to be field testing bother but both have been slow to ship them out. Somethings to look at are battery life, video storage (in unit and once downloaded), charging, warranty, and size of the unit.
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    Just one would be stingy of me, I'd have to get two. For the children.


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      Since you're having to pay for it yourself, you might want to try the FirstVu HD body cam since that gives you a chance to win the unit: http://www.digitalallyinc.com/HDgiveaway.php. For the concerns dontknowwhy mentioned: its battery can last up to 2.5 days while the system is powered on and it's a user-replaceable, rechargeable battery so you don't have to send the unit back to switch the battery out; it has 32GB of memory and you can customize the recording quality to get the files down to the size you want, although it also has pretty impressive compression already, then you can store it on your computer or in the cloud (although that's an ongoing charge); there's a few different charger options, from desktop to car to a multi-unit charging/uploading dock if your dept. gets more of them; it has a 1-year advance exchange warranty (you get a replacement unit before sending yours in if that's ever required so you don't have downtime without a camera), although you can extend that to a longer warranty; and the size of the unit is: Main Recorder: 2.5”(w) x 4”(h) x 0.625”(d) and Camera: 1.125”(w) x 1.5”(h) x 1.0”(d) assuming you want the chest camera. Hope that helps!
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        We are getting 2 Vievu cams in Friday. Just watch out for the nightvision. That can hurt you in court due to the fact you as the officer don't wear nvg's while working so the camera won't show what you see. I am trying to write a policy for our dept now and Sunny at Vievu has been very helpful.

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          I test the VieVu. It was okay. At the time it was $800 and the video quality wasn't that great. It seemed we were paying for the software then the camera. My department went with the Taser Body Camera, in the offline mode. You get better quality video. It is easy to use and you get the first 30 seconds with out sound so you get the whole event. The software in offline mode is free. It works really well in low light. That was important to my department. I have been using the Taser body camera for about two months and it like it a lot. My department used and test several types of body camera the last five years. I can say Taser did good job with their body cameras. I do not think you can go wrong with Taser Body Camera.
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