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    My department recently gave us the go ahead to get an external vest. I dont mind the elbeco uniform carriers, but i am looking to get some stuff off my duty belt. So i guess i am more looking for a external carrier with a molle platform. I also am not sure where i can find the mag pouch and handcuff pouch etc that is compatible with the molle platform. There is really only one requirement. I need to be able to fit my armor inside the new carrier. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and stay safe brothers and sisters
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    JG Uniforms, Turtle Tracks, and a few others make a carrier that looks like a uniform but also has additional pockets for the stuff you mentioned.
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      You need to leave your mags, a set of cuff and radio in place on your belt. Ancillary items, like TASER, OC, baton, set of cuffs or flashlight are good to go. The reasoning behind the mags is muscle memory, simply put. Don't mess with it. Plus some items need to remain on your person.


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        There are a lot of threads about this previously. use the search function for a wealth of information


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          Turtle Tracks will custom make a external carrier to fit you and your vest panels. They will make pockets to fit what ever you want and they look top notch. Their web site is lacking, but don't be thrown off, they are a quality company. A custom carrier costs about $200 and lasts for years. I have yet to see any other carrier that looks as good. I have on my vest, radio, extra mag, audio recorder, wireless mic, flashlight, cuffs, notebook, and two chest pockets full of misc.



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            We can help with that. We are a LEO owned Tactical Nylon Fabrication company and make all of our gear in house. We specialize in the external vest carrier and custom make them to fit your panels. We have served many agencies and departments. Take a look at our website or email me directly and we can take care of you!

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