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TLR1, Glock 22 Gen 4, and 6360 fit?


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  • TLR1, Glock 22 Gen 4, and 6360 fit?

    Recently I was able to convince my agency to allow pistol mounted weapon lights. We have the Safariland 6360 and the department has ordered the light bearing holster models for our G22 gen 4's. I have the Inforce APL and Insight M3 LED, both fit no problem.

    I've been on vacation for a better part of the month. Apparently one of the range officers has a TLR1 on loan to not only show other officers the light, but also how it fits in the holster. He sent me a text the other day saying it doesn't fit very well in the holster and specifically that the screw rubs on the inside. It engages the ALS fine, he just claims the fit seems to be "off." I go back in a couple days so I'll be able to see what he's talking about, but if I had to guess it is probably the light is not on the gun properly, a 6360 for the wrong gun or model (has happened in the past ), or not a TLR1 at all (maybe TLR3?).

    Has anyone else experienced any fitting problems with the TLR in the 6360 holsters? I've personally never heard of an issue, and would think I would've by now considering how popular both products are.

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    There is a small screw in front of the attachment screw of my TLR-1 that likes to work it's way out. When it does, the screw can rub against the inside of the holster, but no issues when it's down like it should be. I keep meaning to break out the tool kit on a day off to fix it but always forget.
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      Had 0 issues with a TLR on my 21 in a 6360. I've since moved on to x300's, no more screws to worry about
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