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How Many Lumens Is Enough For A Police Flashlight Currently?


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  • How Many Lumens Is Enough For A Police Flashlight Currently?

    I know that the topic of flashlights comes up fairly often here, but I also know that things change as technology improves. Anyway, how many lumens is considered enough currently for a general police flashlight? I am not thinking of SWAT teams or search and rescue, etc., but just everyday police work. Like making traffic stops and searching buildings, etc.

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    There are many different theories and opinions on what is the right amount of light. In general, I think a pretty good rule of thumb is having a couple different flashlights, with varying levels of lumens/power, for multiple applications.

    Here is a video which is I have always found pretty interesting:



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      I carry an EagleTac G25C2 with 1180 Lumens and a Fenix 32 UE with 740 lumens. On a nighttime car stop with real dark window tint I cannot see through with the 740 Lumen Fenix but I can see people and their hands with the 1180 lumen flashlight. With flashlights you'll either have one with a lot of throw or one with a lot of spill. The one with the throw will go throw dark window tint but it won't light up an entire back yard like with a lot of spill when you are searching for a suspect. The fenix I carry has the spill and the eagletac has the throw for light night car stops and spill when I put a diffuser on it. Its also very good for tracking people's footprints with a diffuser over the light. Both of them are small and fit on my duty belt and both use 1 rechargeable 18650 batteries. Always buy a light that can use quality rechargeable batteries. You'll go broke buying those little CR123 batteries.

      google "candle power forums". Ton of info there. Those people eat, sheet and breath flashlights and are very helpful with answering questions. Good Luck.


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        I carry two flashlights. One is the tiny AAA Streamlight Microtac. I clip it to my key keeper. I use it in the car or where I don't need a lot of light. My primary light is an Armytek Viking. It's 850 lumens but a twist of the grip and it's down to less than half that. It uses rechargeable 18650 batteries which is a must. It eats CR123s.


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          I don't know about lumens, but I can tell you that the Powertac Warrior is a rechargeable flashlight that has an LED bulb. You can adjust the settings of 4 different brightness settings. I have no complaints. It also fits into a Blackhawk flashlight holder. I hope this helps.


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            I would say a lot depends on the application it's used for.

            Inside an enclosed space with a high lumen light I run the risk of backscatter, reflection and glare that'll irritably strain the eyes. 50-100 lumens is far better for a room, truck trailer, etc.

            On the other hand, standing on edge of the highway with traffic flying by I want that high lumen light in order to been seen and seen far enough out that traffic has a chance to slow and adjust to me. A 100 lumen light might not give me that ability to alert traffic early.


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