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  • First aid/Medic bags

    I am looking for a good place to get a nice, fully stocked EMS bag for on duty use. I don't want a POS put together in China. My department issues use bare bones kits for our trunks. I am also an EMT and have been on allot of calls when I wished I had the gear/equipment to render aid prior to fire arriving on scene. I am not looking to spend and arm and a leg. I know GA is issuing some to officers after attending First Responder class. I am tempted to go back through the class as a refresher too.

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    For an "EMS" kit (not buddy/self aid kit) container, I recommend a fluidproof bag or a hard box. You want to be able to hose and scrub these things down as needed. It's also nice to keep the stuff inside dry and clean. We utilize large Pelican cases. I also have a Conterra ALS bag made out of their heavy duty vinyl. They have a bunch of different sizes in this material, and I recommend them. Made in USA, good warranty, good customer service, and solid construction.

    Statpacks, Ironduck, and others also make fluidproof bags. Or save some cash and use a tool box or tackle box.

    For the contents, hit up your EMS or FD. If that isn't an option, try Amazon and eBay (be careful with counterfeit Chinese crap here) before buying from Boundtree, EMP, etc. Regardless, I wouldn't buy a prestocked kit because they're almost always overpriced and have crap you don't want.

    Just make sure that when you decide to put on your EMT hat, all the priority LE work has been accomplished. We have one sergeant who will run into EDP/suicidals with an EMS kit... wrong priority.
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      You'd be better off making your own kit from a place like www.life-assit.com or www.mooremedical.com

      If you have to have a "stock" kit, I'd look www.life-assit.com they have a couple of decent ones, but you could make it yourself cheaper.

      Additionally, if you're buying a kit to help others, I hope you've already spent your money on getting an "officer down" type kit.
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        I've shopped at both of these places with good results:



        RE seems to have more "custom kits" to choose from to cover a good variety of applications.


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