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Digital Voice Recorders??? What Kind


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  • Digital Voice Recorders??? What Kind

    Do you use, pros/cons... and with voice recorders do you get what you pay for? Just going to keep in shirt pocket. Can go cheap $30 or get better reviewed around $60.
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    You'd be better off getting a body camera. Voice recorders don't "record" body posture/stance, weapons, bystanders, injuries, etc. I've been a cop 4 years and using a camera for 2 1/2 years, it's worth it's weight in gold and then some.
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      I have two Olympus voice recorders. One is connected to my phone to record calls. The other hangs from a lanyard around my neck and under the short. They're model WS-210S. Great for having on for field contacts; you don't need to scratch out notes. Well worth a few dollars. I start mine when arrive on scene of a call and stop it when I clear. It can be reviewed anytime thereafter for inclusion to your report. And the recording is easy to upload to your report writing system like Spillman, FATPOT, Versadex, etc.

      I also have a very small camera, but its a real pain. you have to pay a great deal of attention to keep your "recordee" in the frame. I haven't had much success capturing important footage with it. Its not as clandestine as it can be seen and questioned by the person. I found the charge doesn't last nearly as long as the battery in the voice recorder.

      For warrants and other non-clandestine use we have go-pros attached to our tac-vests. They are SWEET!
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        You better check with your prosecutor about what they want you to do with your recordings because it is going to be a public record, evidence, subject to subpoena, need a retention and destruction schedule, etc. A number of years ago a local officer who carried his own recorder was indicted by the grand jury and convicted of evidence tampering or something like that because he didn't keep track of the tapes from his privately purchased and carried voice recorder.


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