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  • conflicted danner/bates

    I know there are a million..and now a million and one topics on the best boots. I know there are lighter weight options and there are more shoe like options, heck even wearing shoes for that matter. I know some have brought up what your department allows you to wear. I understand all of that, and having said all of that I'm at a fork in the road. I am sold on 2 different boots, the danner acadia and the bates durashock. I'm concerned about long periods of standing and of course walking, and both seem to be able to handle those tasks well. One boot is almost 300 bucks and one can be had for 150 or less if you look in the right places. One boot has a side zip, one you can put a lace zipper in, not really sure how well that would work. I know the danner boot can be resoled and I think the bates can as well. To tell you the truth I'm not even sure that is concern of mine, I'd pay 300 a year if it didn't hurt my feet, legs and back. Being able to run (i.e. foot chase) is not really a big deal, unless its less than a 100 yards I'm not going to continue, we have a general "no foot chase" policy anyway. Both boots look like a winner, danner you can return only if you haven't worn them outside, bates have the 30 day comfort guarantee, if you don't like them after 30 days send em back..no biggie. I like that danner is USA made!!! So, you see my road....and the fork that's in it. Will someone point me in the right direction, maybe a treasure map with an "X" that marks the spot. Thanks in advance!!

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    I am into my 3rd year with my pair of Bates DuraShocks. As with any boot or shoe, it took some breaking in. My experience with them has been great. No defects to this date.


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      I have 3 pair of boots. Two that I bought when hired on the SO back home and one pair that I was issued when hired into my current agency. All three pair are danners.

      The two that I bought are Acadias. One pair is the non-insulated and the other is the 800 gram insulated version. I wear them according to weather obviously. This not only serves as better protection from the elements but it also saves on constant month after month wear and tear.

      I am in the 11th year of the non-insulated danners. They currently need a new sole but the leather and over all condition of the boot is still very good and serviceable. Leather holds a shine and they are comfortable as hell.

      The insulated set are 9 years old and are in fantastic shape. Obviously they only get worn during the winter months and due to the usual snow cover - they tread does not wear as quick. Hence - these boots are still probably 2 years or so before needing a resole. These boots will last me many many years into the future.

      I was issued a pair of danner strikers when hired last year at my current agency. I have worn them now for roughly 7 months and they are decent boots. Construction is not as great in my opinion but they hold a decent shine and are fairly comfortable.

      I'm a cheap SOB and I searched up and down and only paid $100 each for the Acadias off Ebay. They were store window / models and showed no wear. I would absolutely not hesitate to buy a pair of Acadias EVER.... I think they will be the only boot I ever wear.

      I will wear these strikers until they are dead and move back into my ole' tried and true Acadias and not look back. I don't know if that's enough "X" for you but you will never regret the Acadias...
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        5.11s were my go-to boot for years (ATACs), but after an incident where they were destroyed, I am running Bates Code 6 4"s for summer wear and Magnum insulated/Goretex for rain/winter.
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          I wear Under Armour, but used to wear Bates. Never had any issues and even the cheap Lites lasted me years.

          Now, to the whole point of my post NO FOOT CHASE POLICY?!?
          Originally posted by Ceridwen
          Just one would be stingy of me, I'd have to get two. For the children.


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            Another plus for the acadias. I have two pairs, I have no plans of buying boots any time soon. They're on the heavy side but I really like them. Very comfortable.


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              I just picked up a pair of Acadia's this past year and have to say I'll never wear another boot. After getting orthotics I can stand all shift and not even notice. I worked a 10 hr traffic detail and my feet/knees/back were no worse for the wear. They really shine in wet/winter environments. based solely on comfort I would say Oakley, but once it get wet, Acadias all the way.
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                Thank you all for all the answers and input!! I know boots threads can be daunting to say the least. So let me tell you about my outing yesterday. I went to our local gt distributors to try the acadias and to my surprise they had the bates too. I had tried on the acadias before but was very rushed and did not have time to really feel them out. The gentlemen that helped me yesterday went above and beyond and I can be a pain in the a$% when shoe shopping in general. So I tried on the danner first, in the following sizes. 11, 11 wide, 11.5 and 11.5 wide. All where comfy when trying on. Then I tried on the bates, in 11 and 11.5. Both boots were comfortable but stiff (to be expected since they were brand new). I asked the guy what he wore, he said he wore the desert color version of some belleville boots that they carried. He handed me the display to look at and I said what the heck why not, I'm already here and you're being a great help. So he brought these out...


                I tried them on not really expecting to much because I've had some belleville boots that the airforce wears and I was not impressed. When I put them on, my feet instantly felt like they were in a cradle. I felt almost sac-religious not getting the boot(s) that I went in there to get, but when I tried the belleville boots on they felt like what I had expected the danners to feel like...if that makes sense. The danner and the bates were comfy...but my one big concern with both of them was the lack of toe box space in them both, I guess something you just have to get used to having never had boots/shoes that style. I am in no way knocking the danners or the bates, and really did want to fall in love with those danners but for what ever reason it just didn't happen. I will see how these wear and kinda go from there. I really appreciate everyones input and thank you for taking the time to give it to me!!! Every body stay safe out there.

                now....... dontknowwhy, to answer your question.

                "Now, to the whole point of my post NO FOOT CHASE POLICY?!?"

                The policy was adopted roughly a year ago, I don't agree with it in the least bit. Most (real police) will still chase for a bit, but once its over the radio a supervisor can get on the air and discontinue the chase. Having said that I'm all for chasing people, and we have been told that it will just be a training policy and discipline will not be handed out for violating it....but I sure as heck am not going to test those waters by , and definitely don't want to be the one to set the example. So the first 100 yards or so.....well....yeah. I guess it's big city police problems.


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