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Safariland 7TS series?


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  • Safariland 7TS series?

    I'm finally giving in and surrendering my Serpa. The draw speed can't be beat, but I need a light and I'm not using that Xiphos crap.

    Going to go with a Safariland (obviously), either 6365 or 7365. What I'm wondering is, does anyone have experience with the 7-series for duty applications? Thoughts on how it compares to its predecessor?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm about to order the 7304 (tactical drop holster) for my G22 with Streamlight TLR-1 for duty. Seems to just be an updated material and housing with the same ALS and SLS systems as my 6360. The 7TS series is less expensive than the 6's too...

    Would also love to hear any first hand reviews before my order goes in later this week...


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      I have a 7TS holster for my G22. It is great! It is lighter then the 6378 and the draw is fast. Right now I am using it for range duty because I mostly carry inside the waist band. When I do wear it I don't really notice due to it's light weight. Yes, you should get one. It is light weight and doesn't cost that much. I kind of wish they would make one for the Glock 35. I would be all over that.
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        Ordered my holster yesterday, said it's 2-3 weeks out. I will report back my personal feelings vs my current 6360 once I get it!


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          Just got issued one with my new department. It's the same as any safariland product, good qualilty gear! I'm happy with it.
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            I can't compare to other Safariland products since I was using Blackhawk previously, but I LOVE this holster. Highly recommend if anyone else is wondering.


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              My partner picked up my 7TS drop holster yesterday and sent me a photo. I'll report back once I actually have some duty time with it.

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