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    I was wondering how many Police officers carry a duty knife? What side do you carry it on. Gun side or free side? What knife do you recommend? Any thoughts on duty knives? How often, if ever, have you( the Police officer )trained to effectively use your knife? Just wondering...
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    Because I don't have a lot of time, I'll give the short answers. Perhaps I can expound later.

    Many, if not most.
    Right (gun), though I'm trying to change that.
    Whatever you're comfortable with, but a black handle and non-reflective surfaces are recommended.
    I don't train to use my knife, though I will when I arrange it so I can carry and deploy left-handed.
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      Hey Planet Killer this is what I carry, on my vest is a CRKT Stiff Kiss, with the clip at the point end so I can draw it in a downward motion. This is located at the base of the armpit and seems to work well on either side. On my weakside in my rear pocket is a benchmade axis lock.
      Though from what I have seen every officer has his or her preference on knives, though this is a good idea, if you worry about losing an expensive knive like a benchmade, then carry a mid priced range knife or a cheap knife. Though you will give up quality, but if you lose it its not a big loss.
      I still have my fingers crossed on not losing any of mine. Though I always check after I chase someone on foot that I still have all my gear....


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        I've got a little more time now, so I can hopefully answer your questions in a little greater detail.

        I was wondering how many Police officers carry a duty knife?
        Just about all officers I know carry a duty knife. For most, it's going to be some kind of tactical folder and the inexpensive models like the Smith & Wesson brand or even the (egad!) hardware-store-counter cheapies are popular. If not that, then at least a pocketknife. And I've seen several with multi-tools on their duty belts.

        What side do you carry it on. Gun side or free side?
        I currently carry mine in my right-hand cargo pocket, which also happens to be my gun side. I plan to change it to the left side as soon as I buy the specialized tool I need to remove the screws holding the clip in place and switching it to the other side. My feeling is that, if I'm in a gun-retention struggle and I need my knife, it'll be easier to access it with my left hand if it's on my left side.

        What knife do you recommend? Any thoughts on duty knives?
        I agree that carrying a $100+ knife on duty is just asking for it to be lost. However I'm not a fan of the ultra-cheapies either. I think a good tactical folder in the $40-$60 range is a decent choice. Check out offerings from Columbia River Knife & Tool, Gerber or Spyderco, among others. I personally carry a Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Covert on duty. My off-duty carry is a Spyderco Delica. Both are great knives and a good value.

        How often, if ever, have you( the Police officer )trained to effectively use your knife?
        I'm already pretty quick on the draw with my right hand, as I've been deploying my off-duty knife this way for years. Once I make the switch to left-side carry, I will work on instilling the necessary muscle memory so that I can easily and reliably access it in a high-stress situation.
        Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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          I normally carry a swat knife in my vest cover, but don't really think of it as a weapon, since I have my duty weapon and a backup sig .40 in my vest also. I really only carry it because I may have to cut a seatbelt to save someone in a emergency situation.


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            I think most officers carry some kind of knife on duty. I carry a small pocket knife in my front pocket (non-weapon side). It cost me $1.50 at a Black and Decker store. I would agree that it is not the best knife you could have. I would also say that it is sharp and does everything I need it to do. I just haven't seen the need to go out and buy a $50-$100 pocket knife when my "cheapy" does the trick. What ever knife you carry you should practice drawing it so that you can use it effectively when you need to. Just remember if you are having to use a knife as a weapon the sh$t has definately hit the fan. Shop around for a knife you feel comfortable with.


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              Personally, I carry a little Swiss Army Knife, with a spare cuff key attached.
              Seems to do the job. I may be wrong, but are you looking to carry as a back-up weapon?
              I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.


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                I carried a Cold Steel Voyager Tanto in my left front pocket. It was a gift with a lot of sentimental value, but at the same time I never belive in trying to save money (or emotion) on life safety equipment.

                It is a big knife, but I needed it to cut the ropes on bales of marijuana, cut bales open, etc. It was a fall-back defensive weapon, but with a Styer AUG 5.56 and a SIG 220 in .45, if I had to use my knife, I was in a bad place and things were desperate!
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                  Benchmade half serrated folder on my right side. Its also my gun side. I agree that if I have to use my knife,I am in a world of s**t. At the same time,whatever works. I would not be above strangling someone with my mic cord if that meant I would go home at the end of my shift.
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                    Here in the mid-west we've been carrying knives for awhile. I always carry a Swiss Army knife next to my wallet, sorta keeps it in line. I've carried a Gerber EZ out for a number of years but went to a Browning Tanto style as the Gerber was more of a two hand knife to close. I carried the Browning for years, lost it once when I had to cover the outside AC unit at home when I cut the rope. Found it again in spring. I bought a Cold Steel Tanto, but found the same problem that it wasn't totally a one handed knife. I now carry a Benchmade folder. It's a one-handed knife with a Tanto style blade. I carry it right side, I'm right handed. I practice with it just like I used to with my Bali-song. I've always had a liking for knives but I'm sure I'm not up to the skillof a practioner of knives.

                    I really consider it a tool rather than a weapon. Between the M-4 and twin Glocks (22C & 27) if I needed the knife as a weapon, I've pretty much run out of options, but I will, however, still survive.


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