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    Hello all,

    I just purchased this pocket trauma kit, http://www.rescue-essentials.com/pat...et-trauma-kit/ I am well aware that the SWAT-T tourinqut is not the best option out there, but it's small and easy to carry with me at ALL times on duty and of course it's better than nothing. I do carry a better TQ (CAT-T) and a pretty good first aid kit / trauma kit in a bail out bag in the car.

    The point of this post. The company is currently sold out of their belt holsters for this item, so of course I didn't get one. Does anyone have a small IFAK (individual first aid kit) ON their person and if so how/what do you carry. Do other people on your squad/shift/department have one? know they know you have one? do they know how to use it?

    I know we already carry WAY too much stuff, but I feel like this is well worth the small weight/size.

    Thanks all for your thought and ideas. Be safe!
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    I use my front right pocket
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      The SWAT-T isn't that great, but better than nothing!

      Do you have a pocket, or pouch on your vest that you can put this in where YOU can get to it if you are shot in one arm and on the ground?

      Make sure that you receive training that goes beyond just classroom training, and practice putting that tourniquet on all of your extremities.....practicing like one of them is hit, and you are bleeding out from an arterial bleed.
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        I use a Maxpedition M-2 pouch on my duty belt:
        - SOFT-T Wide TQ
        - Combat Gauze Z-Fold
        - HALO chest seals
        - SWAT-TQ (for use as pressure dressing)

        I have Flat 4" Olaes Dressings en-route. Hopefully I can swap out the SWAT-T for one of those. I could also ditch the HALOs as the Olaes is flexible and adaptable.

        It's just a matter of what can fit in my pouch.

        I put the SOFT-TW in the outer pocket covered by the flap. The windlass sticks out slightly like an older cell phone antenna, which most guys assume it is. CAT TQ's also fit in this pocket.

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          OP -

          Rescue Essentials also sells on eBay and it shows they have the pouch for that kit in stock:
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            I got the pack today. It's a littl bigger than I expected, but still well worth it.

            Thanks all.
            “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
            ― Edmund Burke


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