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Black Work Sneakers....

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  • Black Work Sneakers....

    Since the dept. has gone complete ball breaker on shoes,the normal all black tennis shoes aren't allowed anymore and will dealt with a severe division anyways....sooooooooooo

    I'm looking for a tennis shoe that's all black but has a black shineable front minus the normal sneaker stitching....

    So basically it's a sneaker but has the boot style front on it........makes my feet so much happier in sneakers...

    I have the converse boots which are great for the winter but to damn hot here in the summer...

    Ideas with links if you have them.....

    I mean...we don't have anything else to be concerned about like moral straight in the toilet...
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    Hey Chiller. Long time no see. Glad to see the bosses keeping their priorities straight up there. No wonder you're always the happy camper.


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      Had a similar problem with my old job... May I suggest you look at umpire sneakers. I can't find a link right now but I found a pair of Sketchers umpire field sneakers that I believe will suit your needs. I got them at the local outlet mall for around 45 bucks. Nice and comfy and they hold a shine well. Oddly enough the MLB requirements for umpire shoes sound similar to what you are looking for.


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        Black Work Sneakers....


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          Nice work fellas....I just need to find all black....minus the white outlining although I'm sure I could find something to cover the white with black....

          Anything to stick it back at them....

          The plate shoes are damn close...I'd just pull the lace covers off....just has white outlining the N
          Just shut your damn hole

          Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


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            NB you can't really see the N. And if you can see're getting a stompin!

            I had them..they were really comfy...and hold a shine. They have a walking model..let me see if I can find the number..something like 653...standby

            They are NB 512


            Here is a website for postal employees: The Thorogood's have a boot type toe.

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              Haix makes uniform shoes with polish able toes. I love my Asics haha
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                Get a nice pair and simply spray paint the front. No need to shine them. When they get dull, spray paint them again. :-)
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                  I knew a deputy who wore high top converse "skate" shoes and they have a rubber toe I imagine was shine able.


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                    Maybe the Nike Airmax boots? I don't wear them as I prefer boots with a spit shine but alot of the guys at my agency wear them.
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