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    Ok, so with all of the stuff going around about Zylon and pretty much every other material that I have ever worn as armor being non functional, I was wondering if anyone had experience with First Choice? I saw some of their stuff at Police Week and it was amazing. For those that may not have seen it, it is light, thin, well made, and best of all...it is every bit as stab resistant as a stab specific vest with no aditional bulk or weight. I actually tried it out with my benchmade and I stabbed the heck out of it to no avail. The rep even said that frangible bullets won't penetrate. Any thoughts? I don't want to end up like the officer on the Officer Down Section that had a round go through.
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    I saw the First Choice display at Police Week as well. I was impressed with how comfortable the armor seemed. I actually would have won the raffle for the free vest had I not stepped out for dinner.

    That said, I believe First Choice is made of Zylon. If I recall correctly, they claim to use a different weave than Second Chance, but I frankly wouldn't want to chance any Zylon vest at this point.
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      About 10 yrs ago my department bid went to First Choice. I did not like their vests at all. Uncomfortable and stiff. I'm sure they've since improved (sounds like it).

      I prefer the Second Chance my PD issues (today).
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        Untill we reap the benifits of the military experiments in spider silk tech. We will have to content with bulky somewhat uncomfortable armor.Even though todays aramid weaves are much better that what we had 20 years ago they are still restrictive.
        I am not impressed with the Zylon vests and Zylon hybirds. The testing is not complete and I am currently aging on of our Issued Lagacy vests in II to see if it will actually stop the ballistic threats.
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