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Netbook/Laptop/Gadget for Report writing on patrol

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  • Netbook/Laptop/Gadget for Report writing on patrol

    Hey everyone. I'm in the police academy right now and in the middle of all the report writing and case folder classes. Instructors have told me our documents can either be handwritten or typed, so I'd rather go the electronic route since it eliminates having to write reports over and over due to crossouts. So basically, I need a durable small sized netbook or laptop (whichever is cheaper) so that I can upload forms that are in PDF files, fill them out, and save them to external hard drives. *That's all I'll be using it for, so any other features don't even matter to me. I was wondering if anyone out there takes their own personal netbook/laptop/gadget in their patrol car, or if anyone has any recommendations for getting something that will get the job done without all the fancy gadgets that will cost me more. Thank you...

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    Hand-write them. Penmanship is a skill that a lot of LEOs don't have. Hand-writing will force you to be more careful when you write, because if you are not then you have a bunch of write-overs. When you are hired, you'll probably be issued a MDT of some sort and you can use the luxuries of typing your reports then.


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        Thanks for the replies. I will wait and see if I need one, and in the meantime work on my pen to paper skills.
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          If you can bring a computer, it is worth it.

          If you don't own one already and you're buying one just for this, something cheap is fine. Be sure you can type comfortably on it -- not all netbooks are great for typing.

          I would not want to go through the academy without one. Typewritten memos and reports were required at mine. Even if optional, handwriting would be a nightmare.
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