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Baton and Taser Placement on Duty Belt - Concerns and Suggestions.


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  • Baton and Taser Placement on Duty Belt - Concerns and Suggestions.

    Bringing back an old discussion because it's extremely valid and has not really been fully discussed. We recently had an incident at our agency that propelled the brass to mandate that both tasers and batons must ALWAYS be carried. I carried both anyway, so it's not a big deal for me. However, the placement of them on the belt is quite precarious for us with thinner waists.

    Bottom line are the problems most of us face:

    1. With baton on the support side behind mag pouches and in front of taser, the taser gets pushed back so far that it is nearly impossible to access with the strong hand in a cross draw (considering the thickness of our vest and so forth).

    2. With baton on the support side behind the taser which is also behind the mag pouch causes a problem in accessing the left most magazine pouch (for a right handed operator). The handle of the taser (with taser-cam) obscures the left most mag pouch and causes a severe safety issue in the event of a gun fight.

    3. With the baton on the strong side behind the firearm, it can be fairly difficult to access with the strong hand (no baton retention caps allowed at our agency) and thus sometimes takes one or two extra tugs to get it out. It is also impossible to get it out with the support hand.

    So I come here asking questions. How do you go about setting up your belt to allow ample room for the taser and baton, without interfering with the magazine pouch, and still being able to get all your gear out in a hurry if need by. Smooth and fast one-handed draws for the baton and taser are critical. So far I have no working answer from any of the road guys or brass at my agency.

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    I have mine set up like number one only we can't have tasers set up for cross draw. (long story) So using support hand to draw makes the distance a non-issue. I also keep a belt keeper between mag pouch and baton just to keep a little extra space in there.


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      That's a tough one. I have a small waist and don't have room to add a baton. Thankfully our agency makes the baton optional if you have a taser. We are required to wear ours cross-draw so I think the only option is to have the baton behind the taser and reach for it with the support hand. Unfortunately that is where I keep my radio, so I guess it would have to go further back.

      As far as the taser grip is concerned I use a safariland slimline double mag holder and put a keeper between it and the taser. There is a slight overlap on my left magazine, but I can still access it fine.


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        Have you tried switching to a strong side magazine carry? Try carrying strong side horizontal and you might have more room on your support side for both taser and baton.
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            Small waist here............30 in gunbelt.

            Flip your mag pouch vertical........I carried my ASP on my support side. We had tasers but it was optional....and I didn't have room on my belt nor was I willing to change the configuration of my other equipment..(muscle memory/training).

            If you have a sap pocket you can put your ASP there. If you carry the 26 in wooden baton...the baton ring holder should only take up the size of a keeper.

            Have one of the overweight brass people (works well on paper attitude) put the taser on their belt and drag em to all of your calls!
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              You can't go wrong with the Safarilland Slim-line mag pouch. I have a double pouch and it works great. I have my mags on the storng side. Hand cuffs on the weak side front followed by my baton then the taser. I got a new taser holster and I am having some issues getting the taser out other wish it works for me. You may want to carry your mags on the strongs side. If you can't do that due to managment, then get a slim-line pouch.
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                Suggest a thigh holster for the taser.

                We just carry too much crap to keep on a belt now and days. We now have to go up and down instead of around to carry this stuff.

                Also i would never put my baton behind my gun. Not only is it hard for weapon retention but it is way to much weight on one side. It will cause back problems.


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                  I think the simplest solution would be move the taser in front of the mags. All items can still be reached with both hands and they are in almost the same position. But what ever you to with, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!
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                    You have external vest carriers? Taser on that. often do you use it?
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                      our agency requires 2 non-lethal options between taser, baton, and OC spray. I choose to not carry OC and instead i carry a taser in a serpa holster and a peacekeeper baton. I keep my mag pouch horizontal at 12 o clock so it is accessible by both hands. I have a keeper at 11 o clock and my taser holster butts up to this keeper so i know it is always in the same position. I cant my taser holster towards my midline and find this is very comfortable and works well. I also cant my baton holster towards my midline so it kind of lays on top of the backside of the taser holster. This set-up allows me to draw both the taser and baton with either hand and is a very comfortable set-up. Here is a picture, although my mag pouch is slid over more when actually worn as i like to have it overlap both side of the belt.

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                        I would like to thank all of you for the feedback.

                        I've come up with some ideas please let me know if there would be any issues here:

                        1. Move the mag pouch to the strong side, put the handcuffs to the right of the mag pouch in front of the pistol, and move the oc behind the pistol. Put the taser up front and the baton slightly behind canted forward. (this seems the most logical, the hardest part is going to be re-establishing the muscle memory for reloading the pistol with mags on the strong side now)

                        2. Flip the mags horizontal - however I hear bad things about this in terms of the mags getting caught on gear during a fight and obvious stress situations. With the mag pouch open from the top, there isn't anything in the way unless you have the taser grip/cam obscuring it.

                        3. Put taser at 11 o'clock (support side), mag pouch right behind that (vertical), and baton right behind that (canted forward). My only concern here is that the accessability to the mag pouch with the strong hand would be obscured by the taser. I could be wrong though and might have to just try it out.

                        All three of these choices seem pretty decent...especially 1 and 3. However, no one at my agency, and I mean NO ONE carries their gear in a configuration like 1 and 3. That isn't to say that it's bad, hell it might even set a new precedent for us road guys.

                        Any further insight is appreciated.


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                          Most guy here keep mags at 12. Some wear mag pouch vertical strong side at 1 with cuffs at 2. Not many carry OC. Fwiw I've never had an issue keeping mags horizontal, may be an issue if open top, but they are plenty secure in a snap type holder
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                            Don't mess with muscle memory or training in regards to the location of your mags.

                            Flip em up...they won't get hung up on anything. That will give you at least 3 inches of space.

                            Most people have their cuffs behind and the second pair in front.

                            My belt went right to left:
                            open cuffs,gun,stinger,key keeper,closed ..OC,radio,baton ring(4 riots),ASP,mag
                            This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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                              Try moving your cuffs to your back. I used to keep mine up front but needed the space. I found it just as easy in the back as the front.

                              I would keep my OC up front for easy access.


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