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  • Holster. Serpa?

    So, I was looking around for some good off duty holsters/conceal and saw the Serpa carbon fiber one but is there any other brands that are like it but w/ the thumb break release? I found the Mikey's version I think but they do not make it compatible w/ the SW 59xx version and/or 39xx...

    Can anyone recommend me a nice comfortable on/off duty holster for the SW 5xxx series and 39xx series?

    I was looking at the Safariland 328 pancake-style holster, anyone have any thoughts on that?

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    I used a Galco pancake holster for a long time. It was my most concealeable holster until I purchased a Desantis Intruder IWB holster which I'm wearing right now and am surprisingly comfortable with.

    5.11 or BladeTech might have have holsters similar to the Uncle Mike's one you were talking about. For what it's worth, a Serpa isn't concealable unless you're wearing a jacket, hoodie, or something like that.


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      I would go with the Safariland or Blade Tech. I don't know much about Galco. They seem kind of pricey to me. I would go with the Safariland if you want a thimb brake. Blade tech or Comp Tech if you want kydex.
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        I use Serpas for exposed carry. Its no more concealable than a belt scabbard.
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          Uncle Mike's has kydex holsters with a thumb break.

          I also use Blackhawk and Gould&Goodrich pancake holsters, which are affordable and durable.


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