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Any thoughts : Safariland 4305 Nylok Duty Belt


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  • Any thoughts : Safariland 4305 Nylok Duty Belt

    Hey guys, so I just bought a Safariland 4305 Nylok Laminated duty belt on Ebay for 10 bux.

    I know they dont produce the 4305 anymore, but I wanted a decent nylon duty belt, and am on a budget. The seller states they only wore it a few times, and the pictures show it to be in good condition, so I figured for 10 bux I couldnt go wrong.

    Question is though, how good is this belt for actually use? I am looking for something a little stiffer to be able to hold up. Alot of the other belts, like uncle mikes, are only about 15 bux more brand new, but I have seen them, and think that they really dont hold up. The places where you CAN get this belt brand new want 35-50 bux for it.

    Anyone have any thoughts on it durability after actual use?

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    not really sure if a holster is a good place to save money... are you in patrol?
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      Not a holster. Its just the duty belt. As far as holster no that is not where im willing to save money. I am buying a Safariland ALS 6300 series. Not sure if i want the 1.5 drop or not.

      Im not police, i do armed security patrol for a hospital in a pretty bad neighborhood in south chicago. We do arrests and all but im not sworn.


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        I was issued Safariland Nylok duty gear back in '99 or so. If it is the same model I had, the belt is well made and serviceable. Be aware that it will be 2" wide, not 2 1/4", but a lot of nylon belts are like that. If possible, get 2" belt keepers and Safariland has a 2.25-2" adapter for the UBL on their holsters.
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          Ill keep it in mind. The model number is for the 2-1/4 wide. There are 2 models with similar numbers, one 2" and the other 2-1/4". This one is supposed to be the 2-1/4".


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            It should be a good belt. I know Safariland stopped making nylon belts and stuff when they aquired Bianichi a few years ago. Bianichi is now making most or all of the nylon belts and equipment for Safailand. For $10 can't go wrong. If it does not work out always save up for a new one.
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