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What kind of watch do you wear or prefer?


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    Citizen Eco-Drive Dive watch. Got it for a steal on ebay about 10 years ago, couple hundred bucks and have worn it every day since. It's taken a beating over the years and hasn't given me a problem yet. Love it.
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      $10 Wal-mart special. I've had the same watch for 10 years and only had to replace a battery.

      Meanwhile, I've got a Movado Bold that spends most of its time in the cabinet.


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        This is what I wear.



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          Casio G-shocks. I have 2 of them and never had any issues. Tag Heuer Aqua Racer is what I normally wear when not at the range.


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            Mickey Mouse.
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              Suunto Vector !


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                Don't wear a watch, I haven't since 2002 :P

                If I would, it would be this watch : (I plan on buying one because I'm a super nerd).

                But really, I just use my cell phone. Atomic clock accurate time... what more can I want?

                Quite honestly, aside from showing the world I am a world..... if I would wear a watch, I would save up a few grand and get an entry level Omega or possibly used rolex. And then it would be just for when I was putting on a suit and going to a nice dinner with my lady. Might seem a bit extravagant, but at least it is jewelery that does something.....

                I'm just saying, if I'm going to wear a watch, it has to have a function other than telling time. Because the device I have in my pocket is far better than anything I can put on my wrist.....
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                  G-shock my then girlfriend now wife bought for my academy graduation present. Its incredibly durable, does daylight savings up dates on its own, and knows when I change time also has the charger off of motion / heartbeat thing I think....apparently it has a lifetime battery because of that. I guess she figured I needed a watch smarter than me....
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                    Mostly, whatever is on clearance at Walmart, Target or Kohls.

                    For what I use a watch for, a 5 dollar watch is as useful as a 100 dollar watch. Plus, buying them on the cheap allows me to have a bunch of watches lying around at any given time. Misplace one/break big deal. I just dig another one out of my work closet.


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                      Another thing...

                      Get one with a band that'll give easily if it's caught up on something.

                      I caught my watchband while coming down off an alfalfa truck once. Hanging by my wrist is not something I'd like to experience again. Painful, it was. Plus, it could be a safety issue with regards to moving vehicles and/or untrustworthy people.


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                        Timex from walmart for $20. I just had to have mine replaced a few months ago but the one before it (exact same thing) I had for 4 years with military and LE duty. I feel naked without my watch anymore.
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                          Rolex Sea Dweller. Sexy, tough, waterproof. Love mine.. A bit on the pricey side.
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                            For years I had a metal band Timex I found at wally World for 35 bucks. After 9 years and 3 battery changes it finally died and just quit working. I tried in vain to find another like it, only to find out it was discontinued 3 years prior. The next three years I wore a 5.11 watch I got for free when I ordered a pair of boots or a couple shirts from LA Police Gear. Worked well but it did not have a light, and I found myself needing to read my watch in near darkness a lot lately.

                            I had been wanting one for a while now and I finally shelled out the cash and bought a Lluminox. Even the low end ones run almost $300. Been using it a week at work and I love it. I can see the second hand, even at night when I'm measuring pulse rates on tweakers.

                            I am not a fan of digital watches, and have worn an analog watch for the last 30 years. I think I finally found my last "work" watch.
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                              Right now a Casio G Shock. But I used to wear an Uzi brand but wasn't impressed by it. I also have a Timex Ironman for a backup that I keep on a shelf at home.

                              I just got a G Shock about a week ago. So far I like it. I think G Shock will be my new go to watch when I need a new one.
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                                For years I wore a Ironman watch. I really liked them but I was replacing them every four to six months after tusseling with somebody on the job. Whenever I put any kind of sideways pressure on the band (wrestling with suspects, climbing fences, etc.), the bars holding the band to the watch body would bend and the band would no longer stay on the watch.

                                I finally bought a G-Shock in 1997 and I have been wearing it ever since. It came with a ten year battery and I finally changed the battery out two years ago. I have been replacing the battery now every year (didn't realize how convenient not changing it out was) and I am now considering getting the solar powered G-Shock. Mine has been put through the ringer while on SWAT, training in the mud, rapelling, rain and snow, swimming, boating, camping, etc. It's been gassed, pepper sprayed, accidentally oversprayed with paint, bug repellant, sunblock, etc. I've dropped it, walked on it and left it sitting on the deck over the weekend (too many adult beverages and then forgetting where I left it...) You name it, it has endured whatever abuse I've thrown at it. It cost me $77 when I bought it so I think it has averaged out to be a better bargain than any of the cheap watches that some have mentioned replacing each year.

                                I like a nicer watch to wear for court or off duty occaisions. I don't like a tactical black watch with dressy clothes or for more formal times so I have another watch I wear about 20% of the time off duty but this one is my work watch and I can't say enough good things about it.
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