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  • Polo Shirt for Motor Officers

    I'm looking into proposing polo shirts for our motor squad and looking for other departments that use them. We're considering something like the split navy/yellow with reflective sleeves and screen printing. Pretty much the same that you frequently see on bicycles. Our riding season gets pretty hot, and we tend to work later shifts instead of just the usual day time shifts. So it would help with comfort/heat when the sun is up, and visibility at night.

    Does anyone here use polos for their motor squads? If so, what brand did you go with and what kind of style or design? Do you wear them with usual breeches and boots or do you wear different motor pants? How do they look? Stupid or okay?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Think this is what your looking for...



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      Your current uniform looks great. I understand the need for something more comfortable, though I do think that motor officers look a lot more professional with standard uniform shirts.

      If comfort is the main concern, perhaps you could convince your agency to go with external carriers over the polo? This would remove the need for concealable body armor, and allow better ventilation while in your vehicle.
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        I believe the Georgia State Patrol allows for polo shirts also.. you can jump over in the GA forum and ask. We have plenty of troopers hanging around there that might be able to help


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          Not much impact or abrasion resistance in either a duty shirt of a polo. How about recommending a decent Darien or Roadcrafter in Hi-Viz yellow? Lots of vents. Well-tested for thrills and spills.



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