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Vests that protect armpit/shoulders/etc?


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  • Vests that protect armpit/shoulders/etc?

    Do you guys know of any ballistic vest companies that make vests with features like that? Armpit/Shoulder protection? Just looking at the FBI Officer Death statistics, it's something I'd definitely be interested in.

    My department is getting ready to buy new tailored vests for all the Officers, and I'd like to bring some suggestions of vests to my Chief.

    Thanks guys.

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    I'm pretty sure only SWAT style vests offer those.
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    Just one would be stingy of me, I'd have to get two. For the children.


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      There are manufacturers with arms and armpit protection add on kits. Take a look at quartermaster or galls site for specific manufacturers.


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        For concealed body armor??? Never seen it...

        External? Many.

        If you are buying new vests, consider the newer FBI's Body Armor Test protocol, in addition to NIJ.

        I'd also recommend 100% kevlar/aramid woven fibers... no laminates/hybrids.
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          For a concealed vest?.....I have never seen anything like that....

          External carriers?.....lots of options
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            Yea that is mainly an external vest thing because of the added bulk. You can get good concealable vests that come up higher into the armpits to protect against axillary shots, but consider this:

            increasing armor coverage increases weight and decreases mobility/comfort. I personally would rather be able to move/fight and NOT get shot than be like a tactical turtle and fatigue more quickly or not be able to move and avoid getting shot.


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              Patrol armor is a trade off of maneuverability, vs. coverage. I'd rather be able to move in a fight.


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                The adage goes:

                - Strong
                - Lightweight
                - Cheap

                Now choose any two.
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