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Crown Vic VSS wiring


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  • Crown Vic VSS wiring

    I cannot seem to locate any information about which wire in the center console wire bundle is the vehicle's VSS cable to connect our radars too. I know it is labeled, but the labeling is way up under our consoles and I do not have access to that area, just to where it enters the center console. Can anyone either link me a site with the color information, or just tell me which color it is for 06 - 10 vic's? Our installer was less then helpful about it


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    You have to buy the harness from Stalker... they have a new harness that just plugs into the diagnostic box. super easy.


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      This might help you
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        On the newer Crown Vics there is a port located on the passenger side under the dash. The gray w/black stripe wire is the VSS read. I assume you are feeding it to a Kustom Signals radar. I have spliced into this wire many times and it's worked great on those units. If you no longer have the wire that came with your radar unit, one can be fabricated on the cheap with the correct size plug and some wire, both available from Radio Shack (I think Kustom Signals charges like $50 for their version). For stalker units, as the poster above stated, you need their cable that connects to the diagnostic port. Don't forget on the Kustom units after you have the VSS connected, you have to set the radar to look for the signal...see the operators manual for the procedure.


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