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Best (Better?) Duty Bag


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  • Best (Better?) Duty Bag

    Am getting to the point where I am refining what I carry and how much of it. I work for an agency where I share a car so in and out every shift with the bag I go. Galls currently has a sale on 5.11 duty bags, the Patrol Ready Gear Bag and the Tactical Patrol Wingman Bag. I currently carry something similar to the Patrol Ready bag from our local shop, but am finding that I can not carry everything I "want" to carry in it. Aside from the reviews on I am having a hard time getting information from anyone who uses either, anyone have any experience with either? If not, what are you using, what has worked, what hasn't, etc.? Thanks. (Patrol Ready) (Tactical Wingman)
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    The wingman is a good bag for sure, a little spendy. Have you thought of using a luggage roller bag? Many of the guys in my department get a smaller sized luggage roller. Like this (Of course they go for something a little cheaper than 250 dollars.) I found mine for 40 dollars a local store. I carry a lot of items, so I have a few bags I carry out to my car including my Trauma bag,my duty bag and my B.O.B. so the roller bag just seemed easier. If you don't have a sword,sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36


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      I ordered the Tactical Wingman Patrol Bag about a year ago. I used it for three days before I decided that I didn't like it... wasn't enough space and pockets for my gear. You'll have to purchase the MOLLE pouches if you want the extra storage space. My gf needed a new duty bag, so I just gave it to her.

      Then, I bought the Patrol Ready Gear Bag, and it's worked well... it's sturdy and has plenty of pockets and space for what I need. You don't need to spend the extra money on the MOLLE pouches either.

      fyi, Galls recently came out with the new StreetPro Premium Organizer. It looks like a combo between the Wingman and the Patrol Ready bags. It also appears to be bigger than both.
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        I'm currently using the wingman. It's a good bag but to add what street cop said you pretty much need MOLLE pouches to increase space. It also tends to slump forward if you have items in it but, it can be fix if you put the divider it comes with it.
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