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Solution to save your citation book.


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  • Solution to save your citation book.

    Losing a citation booklet by leaving it on the trunk after a traffic stop happens more than some would think. It's really embarrassing and can cause a whole lot of headaches if your ticket book falls into the wrong hands.

    Most of the time the error is caught JUST before you leave your stop. Sometimes it isn't and you have to hunt it down or have a citizen call in saying they found Officer Dummy's ticketbook.

    Well I thought of a simple solution that will at least keep your ticketbook on the back of your trunk even while driving. Two super magnets. I know, I know most people will just say, "just don't forget your ticket book on your trunk". Well since Officers are still losing their ticket book, it doesn't seem to be working.

    I found two very powerful magnets at Home Depot I used a super glue to keep the two magnets inside of my citation holder. It is made of aluminum and magnets won't stick to aluminum.[email protected]/5513672212/[email protected]/5513076425/

    It's an easy enough mod for a cheap price. The citations still fit inside with no problems.

    I placed two strips of the fuzzy part of velcro at each end to keep it from scratching the patrol vehicle. (Supervisors appreciate that). The booklet snaps onto the trunk with good force and it took a bit of sharp turning before the cite book even moved. I can even open the trunk with the booklet on the lid without it sliding off. If you don't have a sword,sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36

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    Thats a bad ***** idea. Thanks for sharing.

    I just wish i still had a ticket book and not these retarded computer ticket writers.


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      I don't have, nor do I want a citation book. I'm past that point in my career.

      Our patrol guys have DL readers and citation printers in the cab of thier trucks.
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        That would be nice If you don't have a sword,sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36


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          If you have any old hard drives laying around you can take it apart and put the magnets in the citation holder. The magnet would be attatched to the arm that is over the platters. They are strong enough that I can put one in my pocket and hold up a hammer on the outside of my pants!

          Plus if the drive is broke they are free and I think there is usually 2 in a drive.

          Good idea though just make sure you keep the magnets away from your guy's laptops because I don' think it would get along with the hard drive on your working computers


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            I will most def. hit up Home Depot, great idea
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              I leave the ticket book firmly inside my war bag at all times when on car stops. That keeps it from disappearing outside the car.
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                Have never lost a ticket book like that.

                I did jack one up by throwing it at a mope on a foot chase :P


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