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Duty gear pricing question...


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  • Duty gear pricing question...

    I have been pretty much hired, just have to complete the physical and another test, for a small agency as a reserve officer. I have to provide my own duty belt. I wondered where the best, least expensive place is to purchase the duty belt and duty items. Don't need to fill them though....

    Also, what holster would you all suggest???

    Thanks for your assistance!!!!

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    Ebay has alot of safariland stuff that you can get cheap. What gun are you going to be carrying? I"m currently using a Safariland 070 lvl III. I'm hoping to be changing to a Safariland 6360 ALS in the near future (at my own cost. I"m a reserve as well). Which ever holster you decide on, practice practice practice. I can't stress that enough. Practice drawing, drawing and firing, holstering. Make it so you don't have to think about it. You just do it. If you're wondering on how you're going to set your belt up, I'd suggest arranging your gear in such a way that you can access everything with either hand. Good Luck!


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      I'm doing the same thing. I found and used they are really great. And I'm going with a safariland ALS also they are really nice.

      I'm going to add on to this thread and say any one know of a good priced vest? And any grants or funding I could get to help out the price?
      Thanks and good luck and stay safe


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        Ebay is a great place for deals. You just have to find out what the prices are for the items you need and don't forget to factor in shipping and handling. The price will depend on how fast you need the items aka auctions that have a lot of time left vs. buy it now.


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