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Differences in taser models


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  • Differences in taser models

    The department I work for issues the m-26 taser but we are allowed to purcase out of pocket the x-26. I've seen the x-26 and the x-26c, which look identical to me, so whats the difference between the two, and where can i buy an LE model x-26

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    Find out where there is an authorized dealer for your area to buy one. I belive the "C" model is for civilian use and has a different fire rate the the "E" (law enforcement) models.


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      Here ya go....


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        The X26-C model is for civilian use and has a 30 second jolt of electric hell compared to the police model of 5 seconds.

        It is NOT recommended by Taser to use the civilian model for law enforcement use.



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          Call TASER and ask them who the LE distributor is for Louisiana.
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            You're absolutely going to love the X-26 over the M-26. First the reduction in size is going to be the best thing you notice. X-26's are expensive, and unlike the M-26 the battery is not rechargeable. Once it's used up, you have to purchase another one from Taser. The battery in the X-26 stores all the information about the X-26. Every time you spark test, or actually deploy it, it records it in memory and that needs to be downloaded to the department laptop, if that's your department policy.

            From a use standpoint, if you've ever fired the M-26 you know that when you pull the trigger, it doesn't immediately activate. There's a few milliseconds before it fires. Not the X-26. When you pull the trigger it goes off. More like your pistol than the M-26. I've seen people miss their target with the M-26 less than 10 feet away because they anticipate the shot or think the thing malfunctioned, that doesn't happen with the X-26.

            G-Man is correct, the X-26C is the civilian version and it delivers a 30 second ride. It's designed for the user to put it down and get the hell out of dodge before the bad guy can recover. Taser International gives civilians a 100% replacement guarantee when they buy one. If you use it against a bad guy and leave it they will replace the unit for free.

            My X-26 is department issue, and I have to say it's a 100% better than the old M-26 model I use to carry.


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              Check the trading post of this web site. There was an x26 up there for sale. I think it was 700.00


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                What area of LA do you live in ? I can ask around for X26's for sale. Me and Blackhorse work for the same dept. I will try to keep my ears open when something pops up for sale.
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