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  • Lasers?

    Not a police officer, but hoping that someone could shed some light on these? I've been looking at the crimson trace laser grips and the new laserlyte RL-1 rear sight lasers and was wondering if these were practical for the streets, home defense, or at all. I'm an armored car driver/guard and could use any advantage I can get. Thanks.

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    Practically? Not so much, in my opinion. If you have to draw your firearm in a situation, the last thing I would hope you'd do is to search for your little red dot on the bad guy. You'd be much better off focusing on the threat, and getting good sight picture/alignment. IMO, using your laser would distract you from that, especially when, god forbid, you should have to draw and fire quickly.

    There are uses for the laser, but I'm not familiar enough with them to explain them in detail. I really don't think they're a practical tool for self-defense, but for the range, they could be fun. Perhaps I'm wrong.


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      Would it not be practical for secondary acquisition of the target, to check yourself in those split seconds? I also considered the surefire x400 weapon mounted light, maybe a better add-on than a laser?


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        Not LE either...

        One arguement for a laser is that you don't have to line the gun up to your face (around corners etc.) If you have time to prepare, you may turn it on...but don't count on it. When concealed...I have read a few people that have had issues with the holster turning on the laser (lasermax)...somewhat embarrasing if someone else points out that your t-shirt is glowing.

        My thoughs are for my wife should she feel the need to arm herself in the house. I can't decide if a laser would be good or bad. (Guess that depends on if I want to be shot or just scarred.)


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          Well I work mostly in the day and I feel that the laser would be great for home defense. I just picked up the latest issue of American Handgunner tactical and there is a huge article about lasers in there. I will get to it after dinner hopefully...


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            Laser can be an okay tool if you train with it. But also train without. The last thing you need is a deadly force encounter where you are looking for your red dot, and it didn't activate and then the pucker factor comes in.


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              If we're talking about pistols, laser lights are a great way for the manufacturer to make a lot of money off of people who just want to bling up their firearms.

              You will seldom see an experienced shooter with a laser. Like all things mechanical, they tend to stop functioning at the wrong time. I have used them to train exceptionally difficult students on proper sight alignment. But I would never recommend them for a carry gun. From a defensive use position, most of your shots are going to be within 2 to 7 yards away. You're going to draw and fire, you're not going to be lining up sights, turning on lasers, looking for red/green dots on your target.

              It may take you longer and require more rounds to practice with, but I strongly recommend practice to overcome any benefit a laser would provide. Train to survive.

              Don't believe the advertisements you see in the back of a gun magazine. Laser's don't make you the winner, training and practice do.


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                thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm going to skip the laser and maybe even the light. Light would be good for night time use if need be, but the laser seems to be pointless, especially since I consider myself a decent shot with my G19. Thanks again!


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