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What do you keep in your duty bag?


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  • What do you keep in your duty bag?

    Just got hired on a Police Department as an officer here in Missouri. I've been lurking around the forums for the past month or so reading up on things, then got hired, so I joined. Great place with a lot of good information. I was wondering... What all do you guys and gals keep in your duty bag? Extra cuffs, med kit, latex gloves, extra mags, batteries, extra flashlight, party sized OC, ect? Just trying to get an idea... I did a search, but didnt see any threads in specifics, so I thought I'd post. Thanks in advance!

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    It all really depends on what your department provides you with.

    For example if you get a take home car, you don't need to put too much in your Duty Bag. If you have to use a line car, your gonna have to fill that bad boy up with all your goodies.

    Your on the right track with the items you listed don't forget. Paper Towels, Evidence collection stuff, duct tape, and extra knife or too, regular hand tools come in handy (taking off license plates and such) etc. etc.


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      Good point... I should have mentioned that I won't be having a take home car. I'm sure I'll figure out while on patrol what other things I'll be needing. Especially when I get in a situation and I'm thinking, "I wish I had that or this." I'm just trying to get a little head start. Good suggestions!


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        one sample thread: http://forums.officer.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=125735

        there are many more if you search for things like duty bag, war bag, bailout bag, etc.
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          Nice bags... Thanks for the link, but that still doesnt answer my question. I did a search for duty bags, but did not specifically find what I was looking for.


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            I carry alot in my duty bag and I have it all organized so it is easy to get to and easy to find. I used plastic storage boxes that I found at Wal-Mart to keep everything organized.

            One with crash stuff (French cruve, calculator, flex curve, pencils, straigt edge, traffic templates)

            One with blood and urine kit and rubber gloves

            One with extra video tapes, mic cords for belt mic, and batteries for belt mic

            One with basic evidence stuff(paper bags, evidence tape, tubes for syrenges, platic bags, rubber gloves)

            One for basic personal needs (sun screen, bandaids, tylenol, sinus meds, toothbrush, shaving cream and razor)

            Then in the front sections I have:

            All departmental form in one big folder (I found that I like just putting all the forms in one folder because it takes up less space and is still easy to get to the forms.)


            Portable GPS unit


            Rubber gloves

            Court forms, laminated maps, cheat sheets

            Traffic vest, search gloves, hat cover

            In the pouches on the underside of the lid I have:

            Pocket sized law books

            Department patches to hand out

            Lumber crayons to mark scenes with

            extras pens

            The outside pockets are used for:

            Books, extra forms, a ton of plastic evidence bags, hand sanitizer, stapeler, white out tape, cell phone charger, and more stuff that I cant think of.

            I fit all that stuff in a standard size bag and it is easy to get to everything without making a huge mess. I've watched some guys trash their entire car by digging through their bag to get to something thats burried. I suggest you get a good bag thats constructed well and organize it. The time spent organizing it will save you a ton of time later.


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              porn mags

              sunflower seeds

              gameboy advance

              car magazines




              instant coffee

              empy soda cans

              hair gell

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                Gall’s gear bag on right seat:
                -Aluminum clipboard with forms
                -Ticket book with movers and parkers, quick ref penal and vehicle codes
                -A couple steno pads
                -Spare pens
                -Pelican 7060
                -Streamlight SL-20X (unused for at least two years)
                -Glade spray
                -Map book
                -Folder full of cases requiring further investigation
                -Folder with training info, bulletins, procedural memos
                -Patrol reference guide (ticket book-sized booklet with clearing codes, county ordinance sections, phone numbers for department and other agencies, procedures for evidence packaging, and a bunch of other stuff)
                -One copy of Air Beat magazine (from the Airborne Law Enforcement Association)
                -Fingerprint kit
                -Nik tests for meth, heroin and coke
                -Urine specimen kits for drug influence cases
                -MedTox urine testers
                -Digital voice recorder and spare batteries
                -Lots of spare latex gloves
                -Hand sanitizer
                -Water bottle
                -Evidence envelopes and bags
                -Spare cuffs
                -Spit hood
                -5.11 gloves
                -Leatherman tool
                -Spare sunglasses
                -Crook book with mugshots and data sheets on parolees and selected probationers living in my beat
                -Coffee mug
                -Approximately $1.20 in loose change
                -Tide stain remover marker pen

                Duffle bag in trunk containing:
                -Active shooter/bailout bag holding:
                -Two Glock mags
                - MP5 mags
                -Surefire 6Z
                -Maps of all high schools in the county
                -Gunshot wound first aid kit (Kerlix, QuickClot wound dressing)

                -Kevlar helmet and goggles
                -Stanley demolition tool (entry tool)
                -Digital camera (Nikon L18) in Pelican case
                -Jacket and liner (carried year round – the temps can vary quite a bit in our county with the coastal weather), and ballcap

                -One or two thermoses (thermii?) of milk
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                  You forgot lotion (for porn mags), Water (for sunflower seeds), no idea what game boy advance is (sorry, 51 this year), car mags, or at least this months cheaper than dirt mag, ammo for shot gun, AR, 9, 40, 45, .380, .38, 308 (one day) and .50 cal (macho ****e), more lotion, Crayons for the Capt (can never keep it in the lines), creamer, hair jell??????????????????????? crap, I can comb my hair these days with tooth Floss, Oh teeth floss!! Oakleys on the head and real cheap glasses (for when you forget the Oakleys). Don't forget wal mart asprin, iboprovin and tylenol.....don't ask. Hand Sanitizer and hand cleaners..........oh and a promotion book.

                  Good Times!!!


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                    Originally posted by NoStatic816 View Post
                    Extra cuffs, med kit, latex gloves, extra mags, batteries, extra flashlight, party sized OC, ect?
                    That list is a very good start. One suggestion: nitrile gloves if you can get 'em. After awhile, latex can cause sensitivity in a user that never had a problem with it before. As long as you don't have a known allergy to it, latex is better than no gloves at all, but if you touch the skin of someone who is allergic while you're wearing nitrile, they shouldn't have a reaction. (Or be able to claim that you caused one.) Nitrile is also more resistant to gasoline and other chemical stuff.

                    Originally posted by cellison1460 View Post
                    I fit all that stuff in a standard size bag and it is easy to get to everything without making a huge mess. I've watched some guys trash their entire car by digging through their bag to get to something thats burried. I suggest you get a good bag thats constructed well and organize it. The time spent organizing it will save you a ton of time later.
                    I wish I could be that well-organized.
                    I have this great book on how to get organized, and as soon as I find it . . .

                    Ateamer, you are a mobile equipment cache. My kinda people! (I may not be able to find it right away, but I probably have a lot of that stuff. Somewhere.)
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                      Clorox wipes... for the love of God, don't forget clorox wipes...

                      also hand lotion for cold nights, extra socks, batteries, ducktape, tools (for taking license plates and other odds and ends), plastic baggies of all sizes and paper bags for weed, small UV light and magnifying glass for checking ID's and other official documents, sunblock, rubber bands, pens and pencils, ammo or a bail out bag

                      ummm and whatever everyone else said


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                        With a take home vehicle I don't really live out of the bag anymore so it more or less contains things not important enough to put in the console but more important to put in the cargo bay.

                        It's got some writing implements including a Sharpie, box of .45 acp Golden Sabers, box of UMC target rounds, telescopic mirror, telescopic magnet, ear plugs, criminal and traffic code, game and fish code, hazmat book, EMT shears, CPR mask, a binder full of nice to know stuff, a LE field guide put out by the state attorney general, pocket code books, paramedic field guide, leather "work" gloves, traffic vest, bigger binocluars, can of Clorox wipes, can of Armor All wipes, my ticket book in the big front pocket, Stinger Ultra, in the front tubular pocket, four pair of handcuffs in the other front pocket.

                        I keep this in the backseat, and it leans against the seat caddy which has a phone book, fuel log on clipboard, another empty clipboard, and a Skill battery operated screwdriver. There's some other crap in the bottom compartment, but I can't remember what off hand. I keep a box of latex gloves in the rear, left floorboard so I can reach back and pull a pair out, and there was a roll of paper towel rolling around back there. Since Arkansas is trying to immitate Seatle in terms of rainfall I have my rainsuit and campaign hat with condom laying in the backseat along with my neoprene search gloves.

                        My console has a box that's literally a bottomless pit. I won't get into that because I think a family of dwarves is living in there, but I'm pretty sure there are some binoculars, an adjustable tip screwdriver, Blackhawk Serpa holster, another box of ammo, fuel card, miscellaneous office supplies, a padlock (idk why), napkins from assorted fast food establishments, and other things. The visor caddy gets maps stashed behind it, a ten code cheat card, more writing implements, my business cards, victim's assistance handouts, and a compass.

                        The cargo bay has an accordion folder of forms, biological evidence kit, assorted baggies, a counter wheel which I'll never use for its intended purpose, duct tape, caution and police tape, outer "tacticool" vest, spare tire, fire extinguisher, used to have a floor jack that I literally threw out one day due to rattling and a ******y attitude that day, PBT, latent print kit, a few magazines, and basically anything a cop could want back there, short of narcotic test kits which I need to get, along with everything that a first responder EMT/ former paramedic would want. I've also got a pretty good tool kit that I put together courtesy of my departmental credit card.
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                          I keep a bag with my front seat items. My car is take home, but I get a lot of ride-alongs, so I needed somethin that made it easy to clear out the seat.

                          Bag wise, check out the new 5.11 Wingman. It's a duty bag/seat organizer with features designed to keep it in your seat (head rest strap, seatbelt pass-through) but also offers good storage options for a lot of gear. I can clear my front seat in about 20 seconds; it used to take a few minutes to get my old hard seat organizer out.

                          As for what I keep in it:

                          Extra flashlight (G2LED), Extra Magazine, & Gerber Multiplier in a 3 magazine MOLLE pouch, Streamlight Stylus, traffic box keys, hand sanitizer, digital camera, orange Tic-Tacs, batteries, gloves (cold weather and duty), citation book, Traffic & Criminal Code book, accident investigation portfolio, headlamp, ham radio (Yaesu VX-6R), PBT, traffic wand, extra Yaesu & Motorola battery, gum, kleenex, binoculars, extra handcuffs x 2, and a few misc things.

                          It's a sweet bag and I really like it. Check it out.


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                            tootsie pops
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                              Don't forget Febreeze spray and a portable DVD player.
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