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Engraved Leather Gun Holster


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  • Engraved Leather Gun Holster

    Anyone know of a company that specializes in engraved leather concealed holsters?

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    I believe the term is "tooled leather." I suggest you do a Google search on "tooled leather holster."
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      In texas you can contact Huntsville (State Pen) and they will make one. Long list and not free but great work


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        Tucker gun leather and El Paso Saddlery. Both have good product. I just purchased a belt, holster, single mag pouch, single mag holder and belt badge holder that all match in black cherry from Tucker. Long wait, but I think very nice looking work.
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          I've purchased 3 holsters, a belt and some magazine pouches from this guy.

          His work is exceptional. I'd rate him as good as Milt Sparks and I know, because I own a few of Milt's holsters as well. He doesn't do custom work, but he does have tooled and exotic leather concealed holsters. Good prices but going up, but still much cheaper then Milt Sparks, and the holsters wear great.

          I carry my G30 in the dual carry model he makes and it is without doubt the most comfortable holster I own. I use another one of his in the pocket carry for my Ruger LCP. Couldn't be happier with a custom gun leather maker.

          One thing though, he will not dye his "Inside the pants holsters". Dye will bleed out especially against sweaty body parts, so if you're looking for something inside the waist in black, he won't do it.


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