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  • Fenix Flashlights

    Ok, I searched the threads and found that people have already sung praises for the Fenix TK-11. I wanted to add that the Fenix PD30 is an outstanding pocket or backup flashlight.

    I bought one from Amazon for about 60 bucks, and it was a well invested 60 dollars. The flashlight is very small, being about 4 and a half inches long and about 4 ounces in weight (guess on the weight, mind you...). It is very well constructed. The body is metal and it has good seals, texture, etc. The end cap button is a little stiffer then some lights I have owned, but that is a minor issue.

    The Good News: It is BRIGHT! I have put it up against my D Cell, my Stinger, and my Surefire, and it smokes them! It is not as focused a beam as some of my lights, but it makes up for it by just turning whatever I point it at to daylight. The only negative I would give it, is that it is good for about 20 yards for police work. After that I would prefer something that has a narrower beam.

    I also bought rechargeable batteries and a charger, so I am into it for another 25 bucks. Even with that purchase though, it is still much cheaper than the competition.

    After purchasing it, I was so impressed that I bought the AA version and threw it into my motorcycle's saddle bags. I give it a solid thumbs up!

    Lighten up Francis!

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    I've been using Fenix lights for about 3 years now. They're great lights and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality light.


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      I am carrying the PD30 as a pocket light, but one even better. The reflector was pulled and replaced with an aspheric lens. Instead of a bright round diffuse beam, I get a square spot beam, with super throw. Awesome light!

      Check out candlepower forums for all kinds of modded and hobbyist lights. Almost as bad as the chrome in the Harley shop..heheheh


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        + 1 for Fenix lights

        I own a Fenix TK11 (R2) and a Fenix TK40

        Great lights!!! See below.....


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          I agree 100%. Fenix lights are awesome. I have been using them as my primary and backup lights for a couple years now. Very had an issue with them. And very very bright. I have a TK12 with the safariland weapon mount affixed to that and then a P3D Q5 as a pocket backup. So many officers have come up to me(I work 3rd shift) and asked me about my lights. They pull out there stinger's or surefires and there is no comparison against the fenix lights, and the best thing is I didn't overpay for a brand name. I have dropped my lights multiple times on the road, they have rolled under cars on stops and been driven over and they are still kickin.


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