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GSG9 Boots Waterproof?


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  • GSG9 Boots Waterproof?

    Looking to get the gsg9 second generation. Are they waterproof? I currently have the oakleys assault boot and they are not. There site says water resistance. Anyone that have these boots, can you advise if they are waterproof or not?

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    I don't have those boots, but "water resistant" does not equal "water proof." Meaning it'll keep rain from entering your boot and stomping through a puddle won't get your tootsies wet, but submersion will leave you with water inside.
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      I have a pair of the first gens, try mink oil for waterproofing. It also takes that leather creak out of them. Good boots overall, very sneaker like if thats what your looking for. Just dont try any toe kicks with them Basically what Sgt said about water resistant/ waterproofing.


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        I have a pair of them that I use for patrol and Ive been in heavy rain etc. and my feet have been dry, i do not recall what Adidas claimed but they def are at least water repellent. i wouldn't stick my feet in a river or something with em but for patrol and mild to moderate rain/snow usage they are fine. The second gen gsg9 are diff. than the first gen and are less "sneakerish" so dont worry bout those toe kicks, but hey why use ur toes when u can use ur shin btw, i want to get me a pair of first gens. the second gens seem to hurt my feet more than my old boots!
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