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Knife with window-breaker. Efficient?


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  • Knife with window-breaker. Efficient?

    I am a police officer working patrol in Sweden.

    I have just purchased a new knife, the S&W Military/Police "MAGIC" switchblade knife. The knife has a feature which is a "window punch" on the butt of the knife. I intend to use the knife on duty.

    My question to you guys is if any of you have tried "busting" a window (on a car, house etc.) with a window-breaker on a knife? Your experiences?

    Is it efficient or is it better to use my ASP-baton? Do I have to punch hard (I know it depends on what kind of window it is, but generally) in order to break the glass? The harder I have to punch, the greater is the risk that I punch through the glass and injure myself. If that is the case, I rather use my ASP.

    Any other general reflections about the knife, or questions about Swedish law enforcement ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've not tried a window-breaker knife. Any tool to break glass requires a bit of force. If you're using that knife instead of an expandable baton, wear gloves. You'll have to hit the window pretty good strength. This momentum is likely to carry your hand into the vehicle under the falling glass or into the door frame where jagged glass will still be stuck at, resulting in lacerations to your hand or arm.

    If you have the ability to purchase one, carry a spring-loaded window punch. Those you just hold up to the window, cock and release the punch. The force of the spring drives the punch into the glass, shattering the glass without you swinging your arm into the window.

    Or you can still use the old-fashioned ASP technique. BATTER UP!!!
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