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Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized Lenses


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  • Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized Lenses

    Hey guys, I am going to be starting with a department in a couple of weeks and I was interested in picking up a set of Oakleys. Having worn polarized lenses in the past, I always noticed an issue looking at LCD screens or looking outside from the inside of a tinted window. I think this may cause some issues when using the MDT in the cruiser but I wanted to know what your experiences have been and if the positives of polarized lenses outweigh the negatives. My city doesn't have any large bodies of water or snow, mainly hilly steets and a lot of trees. So what do you guys (and gals) think?

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    Hands down polarized lenses are the way to go. I've never had a problems with looking at tint or LCD screens.

    Best place to get them from is https://secure.usstandardissue.com/i...TOKEN=69591967


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      What Tex Deputy said.

      The one good thing is that you'll probably be on dogs for quite awhile and won't need them.



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        Thanks for the input guys!


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          I have a set of Polarized oakleys. Love them. The one thing you will notice though is that things that are plastic material (your cheap watch face, the "glass of the headlights" of a car, hell even windshields) you will see the oil from the plastics.

          Its weird and you will get used to it.And its nothing detrimental if your thinking that.


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            I wear polarized Natives, and have never had a problem with the MDT screen. Tinted windows seem to have a checkerboard look to them. Some LCD screens will not work well with polarized lenses. I felt like an idiot when I went into my Credit union to complain that the screen on the ATM wasn't working. Of course it worked when I went back outside with the bank employee and I had removed my glasses when I went into the bank and never put them back on when we went back out to the ATM.
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              We use Motoroloa radios. Portions of the screen displaying the frequency will black out when viewed through polarized lenses.


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                No issues with the MDT or two motorola radios - although one does look a little funky with the polarized lenses, it is completely readable.

                I do have difficulty reading my Etrex Legend GPS, and the screen on the HP and Kodak digital cameras blacks right out. Sometimes at angle the display on my G-Shock Casio is hard to read.

                However, given that the every-moment-for-safety items (radios, MDT) are o.k. I can live with the others. Plus, the polarized lenses are far superior for glare protection.
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                  Just got my Monster Pups in the other day with Polarized Lenses. I've got a question. While on vacation I tried a pair of these on from a sunglass chain store. Totally cut the glare and all that. I was hooked. I put these on and haven't noticed a damn bit of difference in the Oakley's and my $10 wal-mart style. And yes, the lens on the Pups say "Polarized" in the bottom corner. What gives?
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                    I got mine from the Sun Glass Hut for ten bucks. 100% UV protection.


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