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    Hello, I'm getting ready to graduate here from the academy in a little while and I need some advice on body armor. Our department issues us Level II but I want to upgrade to IIIA. I was just wondering what you guys/gals are using. I will be working around the Houston area where it's nice and humid. Any suggestions or direction would be much appreciated. Thank you...
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    3A is a little bit thicker, and in theory should provide you with better protection, but it will be hotter.....


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      Yes, sorry, I do know the difference in the levels, I was wondering what brands officers were using. How they fit, moved, overall comfort level, etc. Also, if they know first hand if they work.


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        I'm issued a Point Blank Level II vest. It is a very comfortable vest, despite the fact I was impropperly size for my vest. The biggest thing is (having worn everything from simple level II patrol vests to IIIA Interceptor/SAPI plates) is a propperly sized vest will make all the difference. If I had the extra scrath I'd buy a IIIA concealable that was custom fit to me and was NIJ certified (not "meets NIJ") as well as the latest FBI protocol for contact shots. Good stuff I've heard of is Pinnacle, DBT, US Armor, etc.


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          Fortunately for me, I went from a 7 year old level 2 to a brand new level 3a, so the difference wasn't even noticeable.. I'm told there is a decent difference in comfort between a new II and a new IIIa though..
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            I have a Gatorhawk Lite 3A and it's okay... fits decent, it's thicker and heavier than it has to be though. I've worn Point Blank 3A's before and they're much thinner.
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              I have a Point Blank 3-A outer vest. The outer vest is the way to go if your Dept. will let you. Helps get some of your gear off your belt.
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