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  • Accountability Board????

    i need help finding an accountability board for our SWAT team. something sturdy that a name tag could be velcroed to or hung on. I've seen the Fire Dept. use them and have searched google but can't find them. Any help?

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    Do you just need a board that shows where an individual is? Such as in or out, at the range, in training, on an op, etc? Those can be had at any office supply store. The velcro status board are so the velcro tag is on a piece of equipment or locker, then when the individual grabs the equipment or comes in to work they place that tag on the status board so the commander knows who is out on whatever incident has called them out.

    It is called a passport system.

    Work on your Google Kung Fu.


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      what we need is a board we can put a tag on during a call out or raid so we can account for all team members when we are done. I've seen the fire dept. use this at fire scenes but they use a tag on an eye hook. we want velcro so we could pull the name tag of our tac vest then place it on the board.

      I too assumed they could be found on any site and i could add the velcro myself, but I've tried searching for them and have come up with nothing.

      I tried searching accountability boards and command boards but nothing comes up.


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        Get an Incident Command Board. These guys will customize it to include whatever you want.

        Or just get a white dry erase board in the size you want. Add industrial strength adhesive velcro to the portions where you want the name tapes to be placed. Add permanent labels where you need, and leave the rest blank for those variables that change (i.e. date, location, type of mission, etc.) and you can use the dry erase to fill that part in.


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          Here is a link to what my squad uses:
          A bit pricy, but it holds up well in the rain. Be sure to use a grease pencil though. For velcro nametabs, we have applied adhesive strips of loop side velcro to the board, so you can place names of teams together, and take notes as to where they are, and what their assignment is.
          Also, there are smaller more affordable versions listed on Chief Supply as well.


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            Holy Crap! $130 for a dry erase board with a stop watch on a clip board?


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