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How about your duty bag?


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  • How about your duty bag?

    This is an idea started in the explorer forum; didn't see anything in this forum in the recent threads. What do you all have in your duty bags? I'll start:

    -Klean Kanteen (No BPAs...I dunno what BPAs are, but it doesn't have em)
    -Rain jacket
    -Legal pad, small and large notepads
    -One of them clipboards that holds forms inside it
    -Plastic baggies
    -Hatch Street Guard gloves
    -Field Interview Notebook (I always forget it's there)
    -Crap-ton of pens and Sharpies
    -Big bottle of Excedrin and a few packets of Immodium
    -Instant stain remover
    -Boot shine sponge
    -Belkin FM transmitter thingy for my iPod
    -Extra cuffsx2
    -Box o Nitrile gloves
    -Big Streamlight
    -Clip on tie
    -Spare battery for my portable
    -Traffic vest
    -Extra business cards
    -Marlboro Reds + lighter (helps to get the bums on their way when I am tired and don't want to argue with them about the definition of "trespassing")
    -Chap stick
    -A good book. This right now.
    -Vionex...lots of Vionex
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    I have too much stuff for a "bag". I keep two footlockers in the back of my (assigned by the County) Ford Explorer. The glove box and center console are FULL also.

    All the typical stuff:
    Car unlocking kit, slim-jims, wedges, wire tools
    Medical jump-kit
    window chalk
    safety equipment like reflective gear, rain suit, flares, etc.
    jump start pack
    clothing items based on the season, including footwear (gloves, knit hat, wool socks, etc)
    a few MREs
    case of bottled water
    spare ammo in mags for my 1911s, loose ammo for the Mossberg
    insect repellant
    2 complete sets of restraints (leg shackles, cuffs, belly chains, spit hoods, 1 hobble)
    TAC gear (level III vest in external carrier, kevlar brain bucket)
    Lots of flashlights and batteries
    digital camera, voice recorder, etc.
    4-gig thumb drive (stays on my key ring) with every report I've ever written, reference material, investigation guides
    evidence kit- bags, tags, gloves, golf tees to point out evidence before its collected, surveyers ribbon, sheriff line tape)
    bug; Colt Defender .45 ACP 1911
    Complete collection of the works of Ozzie Osborne
    and on, and on...
    The only thing I don't have is a printer. That's really the only reason I have to go to the office...

    Much more I'd need an Suburban.

    I work for a Sheriff's office and could find myself on the mountainside doing an investigtion. I HATE TO RUN OUT OF THINGS.
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      As posted in the other thread....

      -yellow rain jacket
      -black/orange jacket
      -traffic vest (w/ whistle)
      -batteries for said maglite
      -ton of gloves
      -spit mask
      -extra taser battery, and cartridges
      -pens, markers, pencils
      -Work Gloves
      -Old Black raid style shirt
      -duct tape
      -personal firstaid kit (w/ 2 packets of Quick-Clot)
      -cpr mask
      -couple pair of handcuffs.
      -extra handcuff key (outside)
      -hand sanitizer
      -sun screen
      -black trash bags
      -freezer ziplock bags (evidence collections, or to put personal effects)
      -Cell phone charger
      -$100 in small bills for emergencies.


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