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Body Armor Question ~ Please Respond


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  • Body Armor Question ~ Please Respond

    Hey guys I have a question and I hope to get some replies. Please feel free to post your opinions, it will really help me out.

    What brand/kind of vest do you think is currently the best on the market. I am not really worried about cost, just safety. I have been looking a lot online and cant decide. I kind of like Turtle Skin ones, but haven't found anyone that wears them.

    If I was to buy my own body armor now, could I wear it in place of the $400 dollar vest a department would issue, or is that a violation of policy. I know this may vary by department, but I would rather buy a safer vest for $1200 for example rather than sacrifice safety for cost. ANY THOUGHTS...THANKS GUYS!!

    Please click this link,

    and scroll to the bottom. There is a neat 1min video if your interested!

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    I like what I've seen so far about the TurtleSkin® vests, but I've also asked around for input from certain guys who like to "torture-test" armor products. I figure if they can't find anything wrong with something, it should be good.

    Whether wearing something other than what you were issued is a "policy violation," that would be up to your department. They might not be bothered by it, since it'd be "on your dime" rather than theirs, or they might make noises about how if you get hurt while using non-issue equipment, it's not their problem. (As in "medical bills.")

    Best advice I can offer is:
    1. Use something rated to stop your duty sidearm, at the very least.
    2. Stick with good old Kevlar, and avoid funky laminates that may melt away under a contact shot.
    3. Wear it. Your locker probably won't need ballistic protection. You might, someday.

    Just one reader's opinion.
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