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Ideas for a tether on my Surefire G2?


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  • Ideas for a tether on my Surefire G2?

    I know a couple of people with higher-end compact flashlights with lanyards, a keyring to stick your finger through, etc., but as I'm not made of $$$ I don't have the cash to shell out for an Insight Typhoon or other high end light at the moment. I'm hoping to find some ideas of a quick/easy lanyard or other attachment I can make (or buy) for retaining the flashlight.

    What I'd love to find/make would be some sort of key ring attachment to slip my finger through while holding on to the flashlight, or allow me to let go of the flashlight to use both hands while the flashlight still remains attached to a finger via the key ring. Make sense?

    If anyone has ideas, please pass them on. I could use them.

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    There was an article on here a short time ago about using one of those elastic-y bands that chicks use in their hair... just loop-lock it into the light and you're good to go.
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      You should check the Surefire Website. I think that they commercially manufacture a lanyard for their flashlights now. I recently purchased a Surefire G2Z model from a Sportsmen's Warehouse in Vancouver and it came with a lanyard. I am also pretty sure that there were lanyard kits on the shelf. I think that they retailed for about 10 bucks.

      The other option is going to an REI store there you can purchase a couple of feet of the nylon cord stuff, a lace lock for tents and backpacks and some rubber grommets for a couple of bucks and make your own.

      The second option was shown to us in the academy by one of the firearms instructors during lowlight training. Hope that helps ya!


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        The tensile strength on nylon cords are in the several hundred pounds. So if you use the SF lanyard, or make something similar, then your hand is going wherever the light goes if you go hands on. Likewise, if you have a keyring with a finger looped through it and you go hands on, now the BG has a handle and leverage to do some damage to that finger.

        So if you go that route, use a beaded chain at some point in the connection.
        It will break away before any damage is done. Which is why the military uses it for dog tags.

        Or you could use a Gear Keeper brand retractable lanyard. Then if you need to let go of the light, it will retract back to you belt.


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          Here are a couple of products that SF makes:

          Combat Rings

          Z33 Lanyard system

          I have used both with a G2 and they do the intended job.


          Have you used the gear keeper? If so, how do you like it? It looks interesting.


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            I use a gearkeeper pistol lanyard. I like it. I figured between SERT and Motors, there was a chance that my pistol might get dropped. It applies a bit of rearward pressure, so it kinda has an isometric thing going when I shoot.

            I have not used one with a flashlight, but I think it would work well if you have the room on your belt for the gear keeper. Maybe I'll talk to them about designing a flashlight holder with a built in lanyard?


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              I have posted this before, but here it is again:


              Hi guys,
              Many tactical lights come with a lanyard, so you can let go of them while you are reloading or opening doors, etc.

              However these long lanyards give the light too much freedom of movement, and sometimes can cause some problems as they can get hang on something or as I saw it happening, colliding the light into your head when trying to clear a stove-pipe jam.

              The inexpensive hair tie can be knotted into a light that doesn’t have a point of attachment, so it more practical in all situations.
              Its short length, help to keep more control on your light, and it is very easy to use; one flip of your wrist and the light is in the back of your hand, another flip and is back into your palm.

              The pictures show it attached to my thumb (due to my large hands is in my case more comfortable) but it also can be used in the middle finger, or even in the index finger.

              Visit your GF or wife and give the hair tie a try.

              Black Bear
              builder of the BOREALIS flashlight
              E- mail [email protected]


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                Black Bear 84 and Flashaholic, thank you both. Between those suggestions, I think I'll find something that'll work perfectly for me. Those are the exact kind of fixes I was hoping for.


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                  I wrapped one of my e2d and tried it at the range. It seemed to work pretty well for shooting.


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