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    Mrman, in a word? Relax. You've got a few years before you have to start worrying about your SA application process. No sense in getting disenchanted about it now. I just took a polygraph two days ago for another federal agency. The investigator explained it as such: "I ain't got a halo over my head and I sure as hell don't see one over yours. You're human, all I want from you is the truth."

    Everyone does stupid/ill-advised stuff when they're young, it comes with the territory. Stay out of trouble, get your degree (As others have mentioned, I'd try to pick up some proficiency in a foreign language), and keep your eyes on the prize.


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      Originally posted by mrman View Post
      I have Spanish under my belt. Arabic I was/am considering learning along with everything else.
      As for computer science, in HS I completed 2 half year (very basic however) computer science classes and one full year AP comp. sci class. I guess I'm really going to have to start considering my options.

      Don't try to be a jack of all trades and an expert at none. How far along are you with Spanish? If you have only taken two years in HS, learned the basic vocab, and skirted on through, then I would definitely hit the Arabic hard. However, if you took like 3 or 4 years in HS, went on a few mission trips with your church to Mexico where you got some real immersion, then I'd stick with that. I don't know where that other poster came up with needing to be fluent in TWO foreign languages. My guess is that they'll ask you what you're best at, and test you in that. From what I've read in the news the Bureau only has a small handful of Arabic speakers. If you can get fluent in that I'd guess they'd pick you up right out of college. BTW, big hiring bonus with FLEO agencies--25% of a years salary ($10,000+).


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        SA Foreign Language Test

        I am currently in the FBI SA process and will share the following info with you:

        I was invited for PHASE I testing because of my education and foreign language knowledge (undisclosed)

        Once I passed Phase I, the Justice Department administered my foreign language proficiency exam, which had 3 parts: listening, reading and speaking.

        The test was extremely hard, especially the speaking portion. It was complex and tough even for a foreign-born applicant.

        You cannot expect to pass the proficiency test if you took some classes in high school or college. You have to be a "veteran" in your foreign language.

        ...hope this helps...


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          The FBI isn't your mom or dad or rabbi, which is to say they dont care about your pre-marital sexscapades for the most part.

          Additionally, taking naughty pictures of yourself and sending them to your GF -- so long as they dont appear on some porno website again I doubt the FBI will care or even know about.

          I myself smoked the reefer on two seperate occasions back when I was in highschool (never really did anything to me.) That was like 10 years ago... I'm just going to be honest about it, I don't think it will be a big deal unless I try to lie about it in which case it wont be my youthful indiscretion that is a problem but my lack of honesty right now.

          Just go to college, stay out of trouble. Use a condom, by the way if youre sexually active. I dont think you want any babies at this age, but that is kind of unrelated advice.


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            Originally posted by yoda View Post
            Lets see, I never touted myself as an expert and I was simply pointing out what he would need to do to get ahead.
            Again, someone does not need to speak anything more than English, but your post said multiple languages was a need, as in required, if someone wants to get hired. It's simply not true. I know many FBI agents, and a minority speak more than one language. Does the FBI attempt to recruit people with language skills? Sure do, just like other agencies, but there are a wide variety of skill sets they recruit for, and plenty of skills are just as valuable as language skills.
            The degrees listed are simply examples . . .
            Nothing you stated suggested they were only examples. Again, the FBI recruits for certain skill sets, but a degree alone will not qualify someone for their Accounting program, you would need to be either a CPA or pass the FBI's equivalent of the CPA exam. A JD alone will not qualify a person for the Law program, you would need to pass the bar and be a practicing attorney. Just two examples there.

            Too often I see here, posts like yours which claim to tell people what they "need" to get hired by the FBI, but are not based on reality. The FBI lists their requirements, and those can and do change. A person will need to meet their qualifications when they apply, but one thing does not change. They seek well rounded applicants, with a track record of success in both academics and work. Chasing claimed "needs" at age 18 when a person won't be eligible to apply for several years is foolish. The hot "need" at the FBI can and will change over time, so the best advice is to do things that interest you and that you are likely to be successful at, because whatever the hot "need" is this month, they are always looking for well round successful candidates.
            ...since you seem to be the "EXPERT".
            No not an expert, but I have enough experience with this topic to know that certain claimed "needs" are not needs at all.


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              Originally posted by mrman View Post
              SA13 could you please clarify your statement "Another sign of immaturity is shooting off statements that are WRONG, while acting like you're an expert on the subject matter, when you clearly ARE NOT."
              That was directed at yoda not you.


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                there are many other agencies. is sitting behind the dest investigating while collar crimes what u want to do? and you have 5 yrs, so a lot of things can change from now and that time. going for a major (not CRJ) would be good but it is veryyyy difficult to get hired by them at age 23, unless u know one of the needed languages perfectly


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                  Originally posted by CWU View Post
                  From what I've read in the news the Bureau only has a small handful of Arabic speakers. If you can get fluent in that I'd guess they'd pick you up right out of college.
                  While they are seeking Arabic speakers the emphasis is not in the agent ranks. Would be a nice to have skill as an agent, but again not a requirement, nor does it make an applicant a "shoe in."


                  "FBI officials said it is not crucial for agents working in the ITOS sections to know Arabic or other foreign languages, because they rely primarily on documents or interviews already translated by FBI linguists. As for agents in the field in the United States or overseas, FBI officials say translators are readily available when needed by investigators, usually within 24 hours."

                  Again, it would be a nice skill to have as an agent, and the FBI would be interested, but as you pointed out it requires significant time and resources to be fluent in any language. So anyone who wants to learn a language and become fluent should truly have an interest in that language, not just do it to check a box on an application.[QUOTE]
                  BTW, big hiring bonus with FLEO agencies--25% of a years salary ($10,000+).
                  Which agencies? None of the agencies I have worked for paid a hiring bonus.


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                    Originally posted by SA13 View Post
                    Which agencies? None of the agencies I have worked for paid a hiring bonus.
                    I think State and CIA do? One of which definitely doesn't do FLEO.
                    "Officer, you are kinda hot."

                    "And you are kinda intoxicated."


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                      Originally posted by sap123 View Post
                      I think State and CIA do? One of which definitely doesn't do FLEO.
                      I have no idea about CIA as that is NOT a law enforcement agency. However, I am not aware of Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) Special Agents getting a hiring bonus.

                      I do know that DS pays their Special Agents the Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP), which is an additional 25% of salary, but they are also required to average a 50 hour work week, rather than 40. Further, most criminal investigators (aka Special Agents) with the feds get LEAP. It is not a bonus paid for getting hired, it's additional salary paid for doing additional work, and being available at odd hours.


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                        CIA police are considered a law enforcement agency.


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