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  • Recommendations for a College Student

    Hello everyone, first post here. I was interested in hearing back from you guys on what you think is best for me. A little about myself: I am entering my Jr. year in college in where I am majoring in accounting. Gpa is just below 3.0, and I have absolutely no doubt that I want to be in law enforcement as soon as I graduate. I would prefer a federal law enforcement career, but I know it's difficult to get a SA position as a 21 year old. Therefore I have been considering State Police among other options. Ultimately, I would like to be a FBI SA, but I know you need to be 23 and all the other work requirements, etc. I have applied for 2 federal LE internships but have not heard back yet. What would you guys do if you were me to ensure a position in law enforcement after graduation? Also, what agencies hire the most people for SA positions coming out of college? Any other recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help, and God Bless.

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    Hello Patriots

    Raise your GPA as much as possible. For the Feds apply at the end of your Jr. year and by the time you graduate you should be at the end of your hiring process (watch out for the closing date). Spend time on your app. especially your KSA. Also dont put all your eggs in one basket, definitely go after the agency you want but also have back ups and alternatives.

    By the way the US Marshals have a great co-op program for undergrads.
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      First, get your gpa up to over 3.0 minimum....second, your chance of getting a SA position out of college w.o 2 years of solid work experience is almost zero. I have a masters 3.9 gpa and i got turned down in the past by SA's. best advice would be to get your gpa up to over 3.5. become any cop (shows responsibility and maturity), go to grad school, and then in the meantime apply for all special agent positions....good luck


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        Get the GPA up and get on with a local or state agency and get some experience. Work your way to an investigative position like a Detective or Inspector etc and then apply again to the FBI.
        Once you get street experience you may find that your goals change from wanting to be in a desk type FBI job to a more hands on agency or duty position.
        Either way do not quit and keep pushing until you get what you want!
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          +1 on the GPA.

          Also, until you get on somewhere you can do ride alongs or volunteer. If you don't on with who you want to, see if you can volunteer for them during your off-duty time. Anything that shows initiative is going to be a plus. I started out as a data recorder at selective enforcements with game wardens and troopers in Kansas. From there I did an unpaid volunteer ride along (also got a few credits as an internship). Network. Get your name known. That time I spent with the wardens was the stepping stone to get on as a temp seasonal ranger. From there I kept working toward and developing new goals. Now, eight years after college, I finally got a full-time FLEO position in a choice locale in CO. It takes time and perseverence. Remember, you are one applicant competing with other students and officers alike. Gain whatever experience you can to outshine the next. In the last 8 years, I have applied for close to 200 positions with various land management agencies and have only interviewed for a hand full. So take every opportunity to interview, even if you are dead set against taking the position. Practice and experience will bring calmness and confidence to your answers.

          Just a few of my ramblings...good luck.
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            thanks for the advice.


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