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  • Federal PO Pay question

    Hello All,

    Looking at taking a US Probation Officer job in Michigan. One of the main reasons I am so interested is because not only is it a foot in the door for the federal system, but I hear the training, benefits, and equipment is good. The starting salary is 47,174 per year, and I would be taking about a $10,000 a year decrease in salary off the bat if I took it. My main question is does anyone know how the salary increases (and how frequently do they occur) work for something like this? I tried reading the payscale and am not sure that I am understanding it correctly. Any help/feedback related to any/all information on wages would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Note: I believe you start off as a CL-25 if I read it correctly. T


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    Did you find out what the COLA is for you area is? If your starting pay is $47K is that adding in the COLA or not. If not the COLA in your area might bring you back another 3 or 4 K. The good thing about the COLA is that its not taxed.

    Hopefully someone in the Federal system could explain it much better.



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      Most of your GS WG scales get increases every year for the first four years. It could be differnt if brought in at a higher step then step 1. The only way you will know is by contacting them and asking unless someone here is a U.S. P.O.

      My paycheck is taxed at every cent minus health benifits, roughly $140 (not taxed), since I started with the Feds in 01'! I've been getting robbed if someone agrees with you HI to LV.


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