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  • KSA - Question

    I've come across a KSA that questions you on your knowledge of law enforcement. Just wondering if anyone has any tips to answer this question when you're backing hasn't been in law enforcement?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Thanks for the info. As for my background....no criminal justice classes in college. All business/finance classes. But you've helped me out and now I have an idea of how to tackle the question. One of your last comments made a lot of sense and now I have an idea of how to go about it. (referring to when you said if the announcement was intended for those with prior law enforcement experience, they wouldn't open the job to the public) Didn't really think of it that way. Thanks again!


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      While the below photo is tongue in cheek BS, it does illustrate how to take life experience and on paper, make it sound relevant to the job.

      In your case, you have a background in finance. Let's say that upon discovering a financial theft, (embezzlement, customer submitting a forged check, etc.) it was your job to notify the police and present them with the necessary paperwork showing the theft occurred. Because you reported the theft and presented them with the paperwork, you would be one of the witnesses called to testify if the matter went to court. With this in mind you might list something like this on your KSA:

      Responsible for collecting evidence and documentation, presenting it to law enforcement agencies and being available to testify in court in connection with instances of embezzlement, theft and forgery.

      It's all 100% true. It's just that because you have worded it eloquently, you've made a Big Mac look like a New York steak to whoever scores your KSA. It's just a matter of thinking about how your life and work experience relates to law enforcement and wording it accordingly.

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        Great answer. Thanks for your input!


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          Thank you for the laugh at the end of a long day!


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